Make Your Own Telescope Craft for Kids


The boys and I made this super simple telescope craft out of a recycled International Delight creamer bottle.

I’ve said it many times, but raiding the recycling bin has so much potential and so much fun that’s free! I have a Upcycling Recyclables board on Pinterest that I keep handy to find new stuff to do with my recycling!

We saw these International Delight bottles and thought they’d make great telescopes for some pretend play! Plus, International Delight is sponsoring this conversation, so I’m excited to share a fun way to use their bottles!

Make Your Own Telescope Craft for Kids

To make these crafty telescopes with the kids is super simple.

I rinsed out an empty International Delight (I.D.) bottle, removed the lid and cut off the very bottom of the bottle. You could use other items from your recycling bin too, like a paper towel holder, but I prefer the I.D. bottle because it flares out at the bottom to make it more telescope-like.

Then the kids decorated them. This is a place to be creative! We used colorful tape we had on hand, but I can think of some other fun ways to decorate them:

  • Colorful, fun stickers!
  • Paint them (rolling them in a tray of paint would be fun!)
  • Glue and yarn or paper scraps

The tape was super easy, mess-free and even George could do it, plus I just love using tape in our activities.

I didn’t even rip pieces ahead of time. I just handed them the rolls and got the tape peeled up to start it for them and they could do the rest. George would ask for help from time to time with holding the bottle, but he wouldn’t dare let me rip the tape, he was big enough to do that himself!

Make Your Own Telescope Craft for Kids

I taped over the top of the bottle and pushed it over the edge. I did the same for the bottom of their bottles. Now the kids know their bottles based on the color of the top. Henry’s is red and George has the green one.

And that’s our telescope craft for kids to make! It was super easy and they’re super cute. I could see taking it a step further and punching holes in it and tying ribbon or yarn on it so they could drape their telescopes around their necks, but I didn’t take it that far because the kids were already using it, and this left it more open for pretend play. They were already pretending them to be party hats!

The other option was to make them a pair of binoculars. But the boys insisted on each having their own, and since I only have two I.D. bottles at the time, it would have to be telescopes. When they tire of the telescopes, I’ll attached them together to make a pair of binoculars too!

Using the DIY telescope craft for kids

Previously, we’ve made vases out of the I.D. bottles too! They’re becoming quite versatile in this house! I started a Pinterest board of ideas to use these type of bottles for. I’m pretty excited for all the possibilities!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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