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The boys made gorgeous candy canes together. Each taking a part in the creating process.

I’m not sure if its good to have one of my boys do one part of a project, and the other one finish it… but it seems to work well for my boys, and I like that I end up with one item that both boys worked together on.

George started by making these candy canes while Henry was at preschool.

I taped off stripes with painters tape on a 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper.

I handed my toddler a tub of red finger paint (affiliate link) and let him explore and cover the piece of paper!

This is one of the 25 easy Christmas Crafts for kids that include more candy canes, Santas, reindeer and of course, Christmas trees!

Toddler Tape Resist Painting for Candy Canes!

To finish off the painting, George added red glitter to add some sparkles and it makes the paper glisten!

I’ve always struggled with tape resist projects. The tape has always stuck (even painter’s tape) and tore the paper. This time I removed the tape almost immediately after George finished painting. It hardly stuck at all this time. It still did in a couple of places, so I stopped pulling the tape from that direction and came at it from the other side. That seemed to do the trick.

Toddler Tape Resist Painting for Candy Canes

Henry finished the project then when it was dry.

He cut the red striped paper into strips. Thick or thin, it didn’t matter.

I had cut a green piece of scrapbook paper in half (so a 6×12 piece of paper) and cut a slit to a hole at the top. This was going to be a doorknob hanger!

I drew a quick shape of a candy cane on the piece of paper. (Just a single line.)

Making Candy Canes from Tape Resist Painting

Then Henry cut his strips into pieces and glued them along the line to make a striped candy cane to hang on his bedroom doorknob!

This is only the beginning of us decorating his room for Christmas! Henry is so excited to get lights put up in his room again this year!

Candy Cane Door Hanger from Tape Resist Painting

I also cut out a candy cane from the leftover piece of stripe painted paper to let Henry hang on his Christmas tree. We have a couple small Christmas trees (affiliate link) that we let the boys decorate with their own ornaments and decorations as they wish.

A Candy Cane Decoration from Tape Resist Painting

The trees are also getting decorated with the chain loops of our countdown to Christmas chain each day as Henry takes them off.

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