Spider Web Sight Word Match

Inspired loosely by our giant sticky spider web made of tape, I made a spider web on the wall to have a little sight word match!

Henry’s been diving into sight words in Kindergarten, and doing really well with them. To be honest, we haven’t done much sight word practice, other than reviewing the list every once in a while when we go through his backpack after school.

So it was time for a little fun with sight words!

Spider web Sight Word Match

I made a pretty big spider web on the wall using paper bags. I cut it into strips and taped it on the wall [I used some Washi tape, but only because for some reason I am completely out of scotch tape. Probably because my kids think its fun to pull feet of it at a time, just for fun.]

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I wrote down all of Henry’s sight words on the spider web, randomly.

Spider web sight word match setup

Side note: I decided to write them myself. I considered having Henry do it, but didn’t for two reasons: 1) It would be hard for him to read them later on to match the sight words and 2) Henry has a tendency to memorize things by placement and I knew if he wrote them, he’d remember where he wrote them at and not necessary remember it by the word.

I also wrote each of the sight words onto a post-it note.  [I kept them stuck together while I wrote them.]

Sight words on post-it notes to match

Since I had three lists of sight words, I chose three colors of post-its. This isn’t at all necessary, it was just an added element for Henry to know what words he was working on.

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I set Henry up to do a sight word match! Henry would pick a post-it from the stacks [he went in order of the lists every time] and looked for the sight word to match and then ran to stick it on.

Spider web sight word match for kindergartners

Sometimes he got excited and ran first and then found it to stick it on.

He got a little cocky at times too. Saying “This is a hard one Mom, but not for me!”

I’m still proud of him! He’s a smart boy!

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Henry is 5.5 years old.


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    Such a creative Mama. We are always out of scotch tape at my house too (and masking tape) …. my wee ones love it. What a great idea to match – a perfect step for little ones beginning to recognize words. And it’s Halloween-ish — win, win, win!

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