Sensory Activity: Hauling Corn

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With harvest in full swing at Grandpa’s farm, Henry’s always begging to go along and ride in the combine. This weekend, the entire family got out there and rode along!

I decided to bring home some corn straight from the field for a sensory activity! (Okay, it may have gone through the corn bins before I got to it.)

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Corn sensory bin for toddlers

When I saw Happy Little Messes corn sensory bin on It’s Playtime last week, I knew corn would also be a hit in our house.

A bucket of corn and some boys and we were set.

Bring out the tractors, wagons, semis, whatever you got to haul corn.

Corn Sensory Activity

George dug right into the corn, as well.

After showing him once, George began transferring corn from the bucket to an empty container.

(Missing quite a lot in the process, but definitely an improvement and much more intentional than the tissue paper.)

Corn Sensory Activity

Add a shovel and some utensils to the mix and a few miscellaneous containers and let the mess hauling begin.

Corn Sensory Activity

The containers became grain bins. There was a river that Henry hauled the corn to. And many, many loads of corn were hauled.

And the mess didn’t matter. The boys had a blast and could play in it for hours.

Corn Sensory Activity

Did I mention they played very nicely together the entire time? A rarity.

(By the way, hauling corn, with or without the corn, is a regular occurrence in our house. But adding the real thing brought a whole new light to their regular play.)

What ideas do you have for corn?

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  1. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    This is SO gorgeous Jamie!! I think you'll need to keep a tub of this year-round by the sound of it! I will be including this in my autumn ideas compendium, thank you!

  2. Miss Eileen says

    One of my favorite corn activities is to buy dried corn that's still on the cob. I place them in my sensory table and the kiddos get lots of fine motor exercise working at getting the kernels off of the cob. When the cobs are all cleaned off we use the them to paint – they make great textured artwork : )
    By the way, I've just started exploring kiddo blogs this fall and I'm really enjoying all of your ideas – thanks for sharing!

  3. Jena @ HappyLittleMesses says

    Love the hauling of corn. I was trying to get the kids to keep the corn in the process table, but what a happiness if I let them use the corn with their tractors. I think we'll do this today. I also like the corn on the cob idea. Thanks for mentioning HappyLittleMesses in your post. Glad to share.

  4. Angela says

    I’m from AZ, so we don’t have cool things like corn farms, so where would I find mass amounts of dried corn like this? It looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. carissa says

    My son LOVES to dig, dump, scoop etc with his tractors and trucks. We keep a bin of what he calls “wood chips” for indoor all year round play. I sacrificed 3-4 puzzles (the smaller 1000 piece puzzle sets) and keep them in a big decorative popcorn tub we got at christmas with tractors on it. It gets dumped and played in daily. Is really easy to clean up (no dust or “ground in the carpet mess”) and lets us play inside when it is really cold or raining outside.

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