34 Things to Make & Do with Play Dough

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Play dough will never be boring again! I always wonder what thing can we make from play dough now?

It really does take creativity so it doesn’t get too boring. (Otherwise we’re always making tracks in our play dough.)

I now have no excuse to not break out the play dough (and neither do you)!

Whether we want to learn with play dough, create something or play pretend there’s…

34 things to make with playdough, or even things to do with playdough, to choose from.

Here is a list of 34 things to make with play dough, or even things to do with play dough, to choose from.

Play Pretend with Play Dough:

Make & Create with Play Dough:

Items to Add to Play Dough:

Ways to Learn with Play Dough:

I’ve found that homemade play dough is far superior to the store bought kind. Its softer, lasts longer and you can make whatever color you like just for that day. Not to mention adding fun ingredients to the mix!

What’s your favorite way to play with play dough in your house?

34 fun things to do with play dough when you can't come up with anything else

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  1. Nicole says

    I love this list…thanks my kids love playdough…one we do that their great uncle actually taught them is playdough jewellery—my little girl Liberty loves her playdough rings, watches, anklets, earrings, and ponytail holders–(over the already existing elastics of course)..she feels like such a princess when she is all done…my son likes to make the funny mustaches, bears, eye brows, nose rings (like Melvin when he became the witch doctor in madagascar), glasses etc…human pototo head….but I love alot of yours to add to our small list of things to do with playdough…

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