Painting with Trucks and Other Things That Go

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When Henry was a toddler, or maybe a young preschooler, painting with trucks was a sure-fire way to get him to be creative!

Its fun, he gets to use what he’s already interested in (what little boy, or girl, doesn’t love trucks!?) and make a mess in the process!

While I was getting supper on the table, I handed him a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper.

Color of his choice: Green.

Poured some washable paint (affiliate link to my favorite paint for kids) in a container. And gave him his green paintbrush.

(A couple of months ago, Henry and I bought this basting brush together, I told him it would be for him to paint with. He has been so excited to use it, and talked about it for a long time. I completely forgot about it until today.  His excitement returned!)

I set out a couple of vehicles for Henry to drive through the paint.

Note: I only set out a couple, notice the amount Henry added himself.


The poor backhoe had more than a day’s work.

Henry (or Big Grandpa, according to Henry) was digging trenches in the paint.


(Notice where the paper ends.)

I kind of like the art that was made on the vehicles.

Painting with Vehicles

It was entertaining and messy.

I got supper on the table.

Henry created this piece of art. I think it will go in the frame.

This piece of art was also made on the play table.

Thank you Crayola for washable paints (affiliate link).

All the vehicles ended up in the bath tonight.

(Lots of posts have given me the idea to have little boys use their vehicles with paint and make tracks. Most recently, I saw it at cows go moo and ducks go quack.)

Paint with trucks

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  1. Alicia Stucky says

    We do so many planned projects around here that sometimes I forget the best oppurtunities to be truely creative still come from a good old blank sheet of paper. Yesterday for instance, we scultped something very specific for part of a bigger project, but my son decided to stray from the activity and build something of his own. When he was done, he told me it was a "candy station" and he played with it all day! :-)

  2. OneMommy says

    I absolutely love all your ideas! My son loves cars, and last time I tried painting with him he kept licking the brush (he isn't 2 yet). but I bet he'd love this! I'm so glad I follow you through email!

  3. Angelyn says

    I've seen this idea in a couple of different blogs, but I've been a little skeptical.. the idea of getting paint on toys and not paint brushes/sponges made me cringe!But I'm starting to open up to the idea; you're right thank goodness for washable paint! That art does deserve a frame, I love it =]

  4. jaime says

    I loved this post so much I set my son up with paint and vechicles. He ended up painting his cars and trucks:-) I am doing a post on it and am giving a link back to you for the inspiration for our activity. thanks for sharing-Jaime-frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

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