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It has been a while since I made a scavenger hunt for Henry.

This time I wanted Henry to be more self-sufficient at it.

So I made a scavenger hunt guide with pictures (as well as the word).

Another fun way to do a nature scavenger hunt is to go on a nature walk scavenger hunt and practice counting!

(Super easy to make, I just used Word, inserted some clip art of the items, and added a caption of the name. I also used shapes for him to search for certain colors of objects. At the end of the post, you can download the hunt guide that we used.)

On a day that we didn’t have to Beat the Heat, we set out to find all sorts of objects in nature. I made the list to be of objects I thought would be easy enough for him to find, but with a few harder objects that would make him think about where he could find it.

With each find, Henry made his mark on his scavenger hunt guide. It was a great way to get him to practice drawing and making circles around objects. I showed him once, and he was making circles the entire time, quite well. (Until the end, he got kind of crazy with the marker.)

Henry found the leaf and flower first.

Berries were pretty easy too.

He struggled with the bugs. But insists he saw a bee. (I did not see it…)

The sidewalk was a dead giveaway for the ants, and Henry found them quickly enough to my amazement. The butterfly was the hardest, and we didn’t find one until later on that night when we were on a family walk. Henry was pretty excited!

Henry loved running around looking for the colors.

Sometimes he didn’t find them in nature, but on Great-Grandma’s shirt, or something of the like.

(I guess I didn’t make specific nature rules…)

The hardest item to find, that Henry had trouble understanding was a shadow. Since it wasn’t a super sunny day, the clouds seemed to come and go (though the pictures make it out to be a super sunny day, it was on and off). Henry, first of all, didn’t understand from the picture that he was looking for a shadow. So when I finally told him, he knew what to look for, but just couldn’t find it at the time.

We never did find the worm that day…

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  1. Ms. Jessi says

    Great idea! I'll have to do this when our hot desert heat cools down. :)

    Thanks for linking at Link Your Mess! And, a big thank you for reposting my link on your fb wall!

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