Outdoor Play : Firewood Sculpture

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Henry got to camp overnight with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend.
We joined them for the night for fire-cooked pizzas and s’mores.

Before building the fire, a giant stack of firewood was begging to be played with.
Henry and I began to build a sculpture.

(Mostly assembled by myself, with Henry’s assistance.)

Balancing the firewood to get it to stay took great care.
Finding the right place to set a piece up against, so the others didn’t fall, did as well.
Henry didn’t slow down with any frustrations,
he kept adding to the firewood sculpture as best he could.

Once we were ready to start the fire,
(when Grandpa was finished reading the newspaper)
Henry took each piece of paper and crumbled it up into a ball.
Then threw it into the firepit.
He thoroughly enjoyed doing this over and over.

Grandpa showed Henry the proper technique to start a fire.
Stacking the smaller pieces of firewood in a pyramid.
Henry paid close attention.

The fire cooked pizzas were better than I remember them and the s’mores were delicious!
Though Henry preferred an uncooked marshmallow.

More Inspiration for Natural Play Structures:

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  1. Jena @ HappyLittleMesses says

    Awesome. Love building with non traditional materials, and I think firewood, especially, is quite provocative, I love the way it looks when it's all stacked. It symbolizes warmth, hard work and it comes from the earth. Don't kids always come up with the ideas that work the best!

  2. LeeanneA / KMullally says

    I can think of many times with my Dad stacking firewood and making fires while camping and at our cottage – my children have those memories too. Isn't it great your family has this to share as well. Lifes simple pleasures – creative and loving!

  3. Kate @ An Amazing Child says

    Hi Jamie – thanks for coming over. I just love little boys and their grandads at work. Doesn't matter how old they are – my hubby and his grandad are the same :) Simple pleasures. Wonderful memories.

    I remember when we first went camping. J was about 12 months old and he thought the camp fire was just the most mesmerising thing he had ever seen. Oh so very cute.

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