10 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities


Here are 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for the kids to do!

What I may love even more than doing the crafts and activities themselves. The outcome of the craft. Look at my mantel!  All homemade crafts done by my very own 2 year old. They may not be perfect – but they look pretty awesome all together.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine's Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

  1. ABC = abc - add a little learning to this lovely holiday with uppercase and lowercase matching.
  2. Shaken, not stirred, Painted Hearts - painting, toddler style. Plus, its no-mess.
  3. Valentine Countdown Tree - build the excitement for Valentine’s Day with a countdown tree!
  4. Yummy Edible Valentines - An easy treat toddlers can help make too!
  5. Valentine Tissue Wreath - Stunning results with simple tissue paper and some paper hearts!
  6. Sorted Button Valentine Heart - Colorful buttons make this a gorgeous heart to display for Valentine’s Day.
  7. Stuffed Heart Balloon - Recycle and make a 3D heart!
  8. Handmade Heart Bird Feeder - Feed the birds this Valentine’s Day with a crunchy treat.
  9. Stamped Heart - Another easy painting activity for toddlers. Using a toilet paper tube!
  10. Patterning and a Heart Hunt - More learning with patterning and those candy hearts, plus a fun scavenger hunt!

Lots of fun Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities to explore this year!


We’ve also been reading this for Valentine’s Day: 

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown


I hope you have a lovely holiday this Valentine’s Day and get crafty and creative with the kids!

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