Kindergarten Math Activity to Solve Simple Addition Problems

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This is not just a Kindergarten math activity that works on solving simple addition problems, but can also be a great number matching game for preschoolers!

Henry surprised me the other day and brought home a coloring page with math addition problems on it. I had no idea they learned addition in Kindergarten!

He then went on to tell me answers to 1 plus 1 through 9.

I could tell he was super excited about it so I thought up a quick activity to keep his excitement going.

We played this number match game two different ways. First, a preschool-friendly way for George to learn his numbers.

I wrote the numbers 1-10 each on a piece of construction paper.

And then again on sticky notes.

I laid the construction paper numbers on the floor in a circle and placed the sticky notes in the middle of them.

A Kindergarten math activity that gets them moving and solving simple addition problems.

Make it a Number Matching Game for Preschoolers

At first I just let the boys grab the sticky notes as fast as they could and match it up to the bigger numbers in the circle. Things got a little out of hand, loud and crazy, that I switched it up a bit.

They took turns, each doing a round of numbers.

Henry grabbed a sticky note number that he wanted, handed it to George and then George would walk around the circle to find that same number.

Henry’s such a teacher. He would give George hints to help him find the number. Its on the pink, George!

A fun way to get them moving - a number matching game for preschoolers and toddlers.

And they did that over and over until all the numbers were matched.

Then they switched. George would pick a sticky note number and hand it to Henry to match up.

But that’s when I added in the addition problems.

Make it a Kindergarten Math Activity to Solve Simple Addition Problems

A Kindergarten math activity that gets them moving while solving simple addition problems.

I wrote on a piece of paper 1+_ so Henry could place the sticky note on the paper in case he needed help in figuring it out. But he never did, he knew the answers right off the bat.

George would hand him a sticky note number, and Henry would add 1 to it and place it on that number in the circle.

Easy Kindergarten math activity that gets them moving while solving simple addition problems.

To make the game work with the 1+ addition, I switched out the 1 to 11 [for 2+ switch out 2 with 12 too, and so on].

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Henry is 5.5 years old. George is 3 years old.


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    This is such a nice post and blog a well. Math learning with this type of activity is a nice idea and kids take interest and like it. I think these types of blogs are very useful for kids to learn math and other subjects with no book but different Activities. Thanks for sharing nice post.

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