How to Keep the Baby Busy While You Cook Dinner

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This is a quick list of a few very simple ideas to keep baby busy, and even toddlers, while you’re making dinner in the kitchen. I have found that including them with you in the kitchen is key!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it really hard to get dinner on the table. Coming up with the idea for dinner is always the hardest for me, but keeping the kids happily occupied (and out from under my feet) is often a challenge in itself.

Babies especially are difficult to occupy, because they need constant supervision and are just in the needy stage in general. They need mom!

Thankfully, I’ve been partnering with Ella’s Kitchen to bring you edible sensory activities for kids to try at home in ways that will also help introduce them to food that’s good for them! And these are all perfect for baby activities!

Ella’s believes that, just as adults do, Babies eat with all of their senses, it’s not just the texture or taste that’s important. That’s why we’re finding all these fun sensory ways for the kids to play! It’s also why Ella’s makes sure all their yummy, organic baby food appeals to all their senses, with bright, colorful, squeeze packs to grab and squish.

How to keep the baby busy while you're cooking dinner - simple and quick ideas to use!

Quick activities to keep baby busy…

… while you are trying to make dinner for the family!

  • Let them sample what you’re making, taste test! Pull the high chair up next to where you’re working and give them some Ella’s Kitchen Puffits as  pre-dinner snacks. It’s also a great way to feed them their dinner so when its time for you to sit down and eat you really can just eat! If they need to move around and the chair isn’t for them, move it to the floor!
  • Let babies dig through the Tupperware drawer. Stack them up, nest them, match up with their lids! Many babies will just think its fun to toss them around back and forth.
  • Pots and pans with spoons are fun to make noises with and pretend to be like Mom. That goes for measuring cups too!
  • Make a sensory rattle with snacks for babies. Older babies can make it themselves. Putting the food in and pouring it out will become a game that keep them busy.
  • Make a sensory sandbox using items from your pantry. Lay out a towel and large tub and dump some oatmeal or flour in it. Just a little goes a long way.

Quick baby activities to keep baby busy while you're in the kitchen

Do you have any secret, and quick, activities that are easy to keep babies busy while you’re in the kitchen?

Be sure to check out the collaborative Pinterest board with Ella’s Kitchen with many sensory play ideas – Tiny Taste Bud Adventures!

Find out more about the Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I’m excited to be brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food!

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  1. jason says

    Great ideas. Our 2yr old daughter pulls up a chair to the counter and pretends to make dinner using her bowls, kid knives, a little cutting board and spices that she cant open. I plan to fill them with rice once empty.

        • Jamie Reimer says

          Ah! We have a couple that came with their kitchen set — or maybe food set — never thought to bring them in the kitchen. For some reason we actually have some real silverware knives that are kid-sized, we got them as part of a silverware set I found at a garage sale – I love them, but don’t use them enough either with the kids.

  2. says

    I like all these suggestions. I just started offering my son little finger food snacks while he sits in his high chair. It keeps him occupied for the most part, but most of it ends up on the floor. Maybe I will try to put a snack rattle together or have him bang on our plastic Tupperware with a spoon. Banging on pots and pans may give mama a headache. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Bella says

    I have a question, actually. My daughter is 10 months. She is crawling and pulling up, standing and attempting to walk. I can’t leave her alone in her room because every time I hear a crash I fear the worst. When I put her in her pack and play she stands up, holds onto the edge and does, for lack of a better term, pull ups while screaming like a banshee so I constantly am running to the living room to make sure she’s okay. She has escaped her walker in the past so I won’t leave her unsupervised in it while I’m cooking and our kitchen is to small to have her playing in there with me. If I put her in the high hair with food, it keeps her occupied for a few minutes but not long. I am happy she is strong and smart but I am getting to my witts end!! What can I do to be able to cook with out worrying?

    • says

      What about having her play with pots and pans on the floor in the kitchen with you? She can pretend to cook. Or even IN her high chair doing that. Give her a bowl and some real kitchen utensils to pretend cook alongside you. And give her a snack here and there to keep her interested?

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