Get the Kids Moving Inside When its Too Hot Outside

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When its too hot outside, do a gross motor activity inside.

I don’t know about where you’re at, but right now, its starting to really get hot out and super humid and muggy. That means more time indoors. And that also means we need to get moving indoors since the boys have a lot of energy to burn that they’re not able to get rid of with running around and around the yard.

Which reminds me, do you let your kids run in the house?

It doesn’t bother me, so a gross motor activity inside is no big deal for me. If have a rule of no running inside, maybe make the exception for activities that you do!

Indoor gross motor activities for too hot of days

Here’s 12 of our favorite ways to get moving in the house:

  1. This is a great last minute activity when the kids are just getting rambunctious. Tear the cushions off the couch and gather all the pillows and line them up to walk on! Bonus: Make a fort too!
  2. Go on indoor scavenger hunts! Make a ‘spy game’ scavenger hunt with tape that they have to go over and under to get through and find objects along the way.
  3. Another fun scavenger hunt to do inside with a little learning. Hide letters and numbers throughout the house to find and have them match them up!
  4. Set up lines of tape on the floor (you could take this outside too with sidewalk chalk!) and see how far they can jump! Be careful of slippery floors!
  5. Tape a spider web in a doorway and throw wads of newspapers at it for a fun and silly game!
  6. Skip the spider web and just throw newspapers into a basket of some sort!
  7. Simply tape lines around the house to act as a road. Let the kids ride there ride on toys, or push a dump truck or car through the track. Add road signs such as a stop sign or one ways to make it really interesting for preschoolers too.
  8. More lines of tape, this time to walk along (balance!) or blow pom poms along. They’ll think its hilarious.
  9. A learning gross motor activity: get out the ABC mat and pick alphabet blocks to find. Do some charades too! Melissa & Doug Alphabet Blocks (affiliate link) have animals on it too!
  10. Set up a simple activity course in the house. Have activity stations to do when they reach them, such as jump 3 times, or hit the balloons, or whatever you come up with!
  11. Balloons are great for a gross motor activity! Make a game of balloon badminton!
  12. If you have lots of packaging, use the bubble wrap as a road to drive on! Kids always love to hear the pop, pop, pop!

If its not too hot where you are, or its really a nice day, I’ve got plenty of ideas for a fun gross motor activity to do inside or out. Click the image below or here for 40 more activities to get your kids moving!

40 Gross Motor Activities to get your kids moving!

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