Indoor Throwing Activity That Won’t Break Breakables

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Throwing newspapers!

Good for throwing practice, but also for hand-eye coordination, as well as some counting practice in there too!

Super simple setup. Some newspapers and a tub or bucket of some sort to throw into.

Henry and I made our newspaper balls together. Crunch them up any way you like. The tighter they are, the easier they are to throw.

We lined up our newspaper balls in a row and counted them.

Henry counted seven newspaper balls to throw into the tub.

Then we each took turns throwing the newspaper balls into the big green tub.

I have lines on my rug that I had Henry stand behind when throwing, but you could easily put a tape mark down too.


It was hilarious to watch, but also fun to do it too!

Once all the newspaper balls were thrown at or in the tub, we counted them up.

How many did you make into the tub?

How many did you miss?

Henry’s first try? 6 missed. Made 1.

Henry improved a little each time, eventually making it to 4 made and 3 missed.

George and Dad watched from the couch. Dad thought it would be easy to throw it from sitting down on the couch across the room to the tub. It took several tries though before a successful shot. Henry kept wanting him to try until he got it. It was cute!

Check and wash your hands when you’re done. Newspapers leave a nasty black ink residue.

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  1. crystal@growingajeweledrose says

    So simple, yet sure to be so much fun! This would be a great rainy day activity, and April is usually pretty rainy! Pinned for the days I am out of ideas ;)

  2. says

    What a simple but fun idea! I bet scrunchy up the paper was a hit too. And isn’t Pinterest great at times – I’ve taken my lad to the computer with me and said ‘which activity from my arts and crafts board do you want to try?’

    Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  3. Gina says

    Jamie, I do this activity every year during the winter. We don’t have snow down here in AZ, so we use newspaper balls as “snow balls.” The mess is spectacular, but the laughter is even more so!

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