Improve the Photos of Your Kids with These 3 Tips

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Do you love looking back at the photos of your children and remember how little they were or wear that one outfit everyday?

Me too. You don’t have to have dreams of owning a photography business to want to improve your photos.

Use these 3 tips to capture those memories and improve the photos of your kids.

You can easily improve the photos of your children by following these 3 simple tips.

Wait there’s more (Sorry I just always wanted to say that), at the end of the post I explain how you can download a free, yes free, ebook with 8 additional tips on how to improve your photography in a week.)

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1. Relaxed kids = Better photos

This may seem easier said than done if your little one runs every time you pick up your camera. I have a challenge for you. Starting today, gone are the days of asking your kids to say “Cheese”. Instead, engage your child when you have your camera.

  • Ask questions:

What is your favorite color?

How do you show your sister you love her? (this works well if their sister is in the photo)

What do you like to do at school?

What should we have for dinner?

It doesn’t have to be anything amazing but snap the photo when they look off thinking or when they get so excited they are beaming with joy to tell you something.

  • Leave them alone.

Don’t ask anything of them. Take photos of them playing, running, reading or watching TV. However, don’t ask them to look at you. If they are in another room crack the door and snap the photo. Not only do you get a sense of what they are really doing but by framing them in the door way it leads to a more interesting photo.


  • Whisper their name.

If they are playing and you would like to get a photo of them, quietly whisper their name.

When they look up take the photo.

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  • Say something stupid.

If you do want a genuine laugh or smile then be ready to make a fool of yourself. Don’t have someone behind the camera jumping up and down because then the photo is the child laughing at them and not the camera. Instead, say something you know will make them giggle like words they think are funny like poop or make a farting noise. I know that isn’t mature but remember who you are trying to get to laugh.

Not every photo needs to have them smiling. Capturing those other faces of them thinking or just looking at you are wonderful ways to remember them at this age.

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2. Know your gear.

You don’t have to shoot on manual mode with a DSLR to want to learn how to use the camera in your hands. Did you know that you can select the focal point on your iPhone by tapping a certain area on your screen? Or that you can adjust the exposure by tapping on the area that you want to be exposed correctly? There are countless tutorials on iPhone photography that you can use to find out the best apps and tricks.

The same is true if you have a point and shoot. Have you played around with the different settings? Maybe you should turn it to the ‘macro’ setting, which is typically a flower on the circular settings button on the top. This will let you get in closer to your subject.

I’m not saying you need to read your manual. Instead, maybe Google the specific camera or camera phone you have to find out about different tricks for taking photos.

3. Plan a fun adventure.

If I know I’d like to get some photos of my kids I will often plan a fun outing with the intent of taking some nice photos. These don’t have to be Christmas Card quality but a way to photograph this season of your life.

Pick a place the kids will want to go, get excited and have a blast. For us it may be the local ice cream place, the zoo, a park or even just a walk around the neighborhood.

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You don’t have to change their clothes but I try my best to make sure they aren’t wearing something with a character on it to keep the photos timeless. However, if your child won’t leave the house without their Buzz shirt don’t force it. That is who they are at this age and embrace it.

When you are on your adventure don’t forget to take photos from the beginning to the end. Think of it like you are writing a story. Photograph the sign of the place, capture getting ice cream, picking their toppings, eating, talking, and laughing. As you leave capture them walking out the door.

Now you have a fun series of photos and they aren’t mad you had your camera out because they got ice cream and weren’t asked to say ‘Cheese’.

Would you like 8 more ways to improve your photos?

I created a free ebook with an additional 8 ways to improve your photos in a week no matter what camera you have. Click here to get your free ebook.

Don’t forget to put your camera down and enjoy their childhood.

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