How to Tint Mason Jars: So Simple the Kids Did It!

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As a colorful Mother’s Day gift for grandma, the boys and I made some tinted mason jars. How to tint mason jars is actually incredibly easy for the kids to do!

Last summer, my sister and law and a bunch of us girls colored mason jars for her and my brother’s wedding. I called her for a quick refresher of how to do it.

This is one of our 10 non-flower crafts for mom for Mother’s day and its so simple!

Marbleized tinted Mason jars - Learn how to tint Mason jars  - the kids can even do it!

What you need to tint your Mason jars:

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I love when I have everything in my supply cupboard already! Mod Podge would be the only thing I don’t restock up on all the time, but did happen to have some for this. But, like I mentioned, school glue works too for this, just add a bit of water to it.

Simple method of how to tint Mason jars:

The boys mixed their own colored glue.

I dumped some Mod Podge in some glass dishes and they added food coloring of their choice and stirred it up.

Mix colored glue to tint Mason jars

They got right to painting the mason jars. They can paint either the inside or the outside for this craft, it doesn’t matter.

Henry painted the inside of his first jar.

How to tint mason jars a solid color: This is what we did for my brother’s wedding. We poured a little of the colored glue into the glass jars and swirled it around to cover the entire inside and then let it drip out.

I told them both to get creative and paint with multiple colors to see them marble together.

Paint the Mason jars with colored glue

George painted the outside of his.

He turned it upside down to paint the bottom of it.

George wanted to use all three colors of glue on his jar, which is just fine.

I just made sure to tell him to keep them separate on the jar or all three colors together would probably make brown. He was very careful to paint the colors next to each other and not mix them all together.

Paint the Mason jars with colored glue (inside or out!)

On their second jars, they each tried painting their jar the other way.

George painted the inside of this one, and Henry painted the outside of his jar.

Paint the Mason jars with colored glue (inside or out!)

As for the finished product, I think they both look the same, whether they were painted on the inside or out. However, you can feel the glue mixture on the ones that were painted on the outside.

If you’re prefer a smooth finish, go with painting the inside.

I was hesitant to having the kids do it that way, I thought it would be hard for them to reach in with the paintbrushes. But neither of them had problems. But they also did the inside on the wider mouth Mason jars.

Paint the Mason jars with colored glue (inside or out!)

Its always nice to see them being creative side by side.

Getting along. For the most part.

They had a little argument over the blue paintbrushes because somehow there ended up being three of them and George thought there should only be one.

The kids painting and learning how to tint Mason jars

After they’re done painting, they have to drip, especially the ones that were painted on the inside. So we tipped them over to drip for awhile.

The one good thing about the kids painting the inside of the jars is that I could write on the bottom of the jars with permanent marker the date and their initial so I knew whose was whose.

We really should have let them drip for a good hour or so, but we were in a rush and it was only a few minutes. (Hey, we were going to go roast hot dogs and s’mores on an open fire!)

Let excess paint drip off Mason jars

Then I popped them in oven at the lowest temperature I could, 175F for about 10 minutes with them still upside down.

Then I turned them over and baked them for another 20-30 minutes or so.

Marbleized tinted Mason jars - Learn how to tint Mason jars

I took them out and we went to roast our hot dogs while they cooled off.

They turned out so pretty with marbled coloring. I can see a few thick spots though, so I do think that if I let them drip for a while longer before putting them in the oven, it would be a more even coating. They still look pretty awesome though and I’m super excited to give these to Grandma for Mother’s Day.

Now we just have to deicde what we want to fill them up with! Any suggestions?

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  1. christine finnerty says

    If you get, Zinc Mason Canning Jar PRE-WIRED Electric LAMP Light ADAPTER Converter Kit on eBay or amazon 13.95, they would make very pretty lamps. Made jars like you said to, then found this kit and made them into lamps. My mother loved them. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Rebecca says

    I’ve never left a comment before, but I wish I could post my picture of this Pinterest Fail. Elmer’s Glue with a tad of water and food coloring DOES NOT work as a substitute for Modpodge. Fun to do, not fun to inhale the baking glue fumes, but nothing close to Jamie’s beautiful jars. Disappointed. :-(

  3. Erin Althaus says

    I tried this with my children at church. Turned out so cute!! But we painted the inside and when I put water in them and let it sit, the paint sort of came off. Any suggestions? Thinking I just need to use them for candles and only paint the OUTSIDE for vases. Did you have any experience with this? Super cute!

      • says

        Beautiful Job Guys! We did these last week as well, and to answer the question on holding water…no, they won’t do well as a live flower vase. I know this because a couple of ours didn’t turn out gorgeous (but others did so all is well) and we wanted to see if we could have a do-over. I peeled the mod podge from the jars that had a thicker coating as you mentioned, with great success. One (that I personally made) turned out the most unattractive shade of dark purple/black that I’ve ever seen, so I decided to soak it in water for a bit to see what would happen. The mod podge lifted and I was able to salvage the jar for my much desired do-over. I think that we will allow ours to drip upside down for a longer period of time next go around. We did an hour this time, but we did have a thicker coating than you guys, as we poured the tinted mod podge into the jars and rolled it to coat rather than painting. I read one post that even suggests 48 hours of drip time. Not sure I’m that patient (OK, I know I’m not) but we’ll try a few hours as opposed to just one next time. Either way, the colors were gorgeous. Love them so much! Hope this helps, and love your blog! Have a great week ~ Katherine

        • Michelle says

          Hello.. very cute idea. I want to do this with my class for Mothers Day. You mentioned they didn’t work well for live flowers. If the outside is painted it would be ok for live flowers right?

  4. melanie walsh says

    We tried it and once baked they came out brown!!!! Nothing like your pictures! So disappointed! We used neon food coloring and modpodge. Only baked for 10 min and then 15 min ! Please help Pinterest fail!

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