Sticky Heart Collage Window Decoration

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I mentioned the other day when the boys cut out all those hearts for the Heart Garlands they made for the window, we used the ‘scraps’ or the outside pieces of the hearts to make something else.

They thought this heart collage on the window was just fantastic to make. And I can’t complain myself, I absolutely love it. Especially the way they worked together to make it! It was so wonderful to see them working side by side, getting along.

A heart collage for kids to make on the window

I taped contact paper to another window (filling up my windows this season!) with the sticky side facing out. Is it facing out? I mean, its facing the indoors, you know… not stuck to the window or anything.

There’s so much fun we’ve had with decorating windows! Especially for Valentine’s Day! Check out what we hung in the window last year, doily painted hearts George made.

And then started at the top where the boys wouldn’t be able to reach very well to show them how to fit the hearts together to make a collage.

Start the heart collage at the top to show how to fit them together

I took the outside pieces of the hearts and stuck them to the contact paper.

We had all sorts of different size pieces, so it was like piecing together a mosaic to get them to fit.

It didn’t need to be perfect at all, but I wanted to show them how to fit them together.

Sticking hearts to make a collage of hearts on the window

Henry took the challenge and tried his best to fill up every spot and was so excited when he reached my hearts at the top.

George tried to fill up the window as best he could with the hearts. He found a few of the heart pieces had ripped. Easy fix. Just stick them together on the contact paper and you’ve fixed a broken heart!

(I’m sure my boys will be breaking hearts soon enough, probably time to start showing them how to mend a broken heart too.)

All the boys putting their hearts on the heart collage

And Louis even helped, or not… too. He helped peel off the hearts…

A heart collage window decoration for kids to make

I’m sure this one will stay up past Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I’ll be taking it down anytime soon at least. Only if Louis rips it down!

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