Create a Family of Pumpkin Mummies for Halloween!

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These are a super cute craft for Halloween that the preschoolers can do!

Make pumpkin mummies

I chose four pumpkins that I thought resembled our family from our heaping pile of pumpkins on our front porch. [Ha. Hmm… Not something I thought I’d be comparing to my family…]

Pumpkins to make a family of pumpkin mummies

I decorated a couple first to get figure out what had to be done. [I didn’t have any directions, only a picture of these pumpkin mummies from as a fresh idea for decorating pumpkins.]

Also it was nice to have something to show to Henry. He doesn’t even know what a mummy is!

Big & Small Pumpkin Mummies

The smaller pumpkins are much harder to do than the larger ones, so I let Henry try wrapping up the larger pumpkin [Dad Pumpkin] that was left.

What you need to make a Family of Pumpkin Mummies:

  • I used 4 yards of a gauze roll [1 roll].
  • 2 googly eyes per pumpkin, in corresponding sizes.
  • And a little piece of black sticky back foam for the mouth [or you could use black construction paper, I just didn’t have any].

Creating a family of Pumpkin Mummies is easy:

Cut the gauze in half, lengthwise. And in half again for the smaller pumpkins.

Hot glue one end of the gauze to the pumpkin [in the back].

Wrap away. [Henry enjoyed spinning the pumpkin while I held the gauze.]

Wrapping pumpkin in gauze

Hot glue the other end of the gauze, or tuck it in. [The smaller pumpkins, I had to hot glue a couple times while wrapping… it wouldn’t stay!]

Hot glue on the googly eyes, tucking it under the edge of a piece of gauze to have it peeping out.

Adding eyes to the pumpkin mummies

Stick on the black sticky foam as the mouth.

I just cut a small triangle shape and tucked it in. I also found if you completely cover the mouth with the gauze and just cut a slit, it leaves a cute opening!

A mouth to complete the pumpkin mummies

Our pumpkin mummy family. Mom, Dad, Henry and George.

Make a family of pumpkin mummies for Halloween


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What pumpkin mummy do you think is who?

Henry has them all named…

Henry is 3 years old.

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