Create a Family of Pumpkin Mummies for Halloween!


These are a super cute craft for Halloween that the preschoolers can do!

I chose four pumpkins that I thought resembled our family from our heaping pile of pumpkins on our front porch. [Ha. Hmm... Not something I thought I'd be comparing to my family...]

Pumpkins to make a family of pumpkin mummies

I decorated a couple first to get figure out what had to be done. [I didn't have any directions, only a picture of these pumpkin mummies from as a fresh idea for decorating pumpkins.]

Also it was nice to have something to show to Henry. He doesn’t even know what a mummy is!

Big & Small Pumpkin Mummies

The smaller pumpkins are much harder to do than the larger ones, so I let Henry try wrapping up the larger pumpkin [Dad Pumpkin] that was left.

What you need to make a Family of Pumpkin Mummies:

  • I used 4 yards of a gauze roll [1 roll].
  • 2 googly eyes per pumpkin, in corresponding sizes.
  • And a little piece of black sticky back foam for the mouth [or you could use black construction paper, I just didn't have any].

Creating a family of Pumpkin Mummies is easy:

Cut the gauze in half, lengthwise. And in half again for the smaller pumpkins.

Hot glue one end of the gauze to the pumpkin [in the back].

Wrap away. [Henry enjoyed spinning the pumpkin while I held the gauze.]

Wrapping pumpkin in gauze

Hot glue the other end of the gauze, or tuck it in. [The smaller pumpkins, I had to hot glue a couple times while wrapping... it wouldn't stay!]

Hot glue on the googly eyes, tucking it under the edge of a piece of gauze to have it peeping out.

Adding eyes to the pumpkin mummies

Stick on the black sticky foam as the mouth.

I just cut a small triangle shape and tucked it in. I also found if you completely cover the mouth with the gauze and just cut a slit, it leaves a cute opening!

A mouth to complete the pumpkin mummies

Our pumpkin mummy family. Mom, Dad, Henry and George.

Make a family of pumpkin mummies for Halloween


40 Pumpkin Activities for KidsThis is one of the 40 pumpkin activities for kids to try this Halloween! Get creative, have fun, and learn a little too!


What pumpkin mummy do you think is who?

Henry has them all named…

Henry is 3 years old.

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  1. Toddler Approved says

    Seriously adorable Jamie! Love that you compared them to your family :) Such a great activity for language building! Heading over to share this on our Facebook page right now!

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says

    Thank you for linking to Halloween Traditions and sharing your idea with my readers!

    This is such a cute idea!

  3. Aimee from Classified: Mom says

    What a fun idea! Hmmmm…. we still have one pumpkin uncarved! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

  4. von Hand zu Hand says

    that's great. and so easy to do with the kids!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  5. Emma @sciencesparks says

    WOW!! That is a great idea! So simple and so effective.

    Thank you so much for linking to Fun Sparks, sorry for the late comment.

    Emma @sciencesparks

  6. Laura @Art For Little Hands says

    I love this idea Jamie. I sometimes hate carving pumpkins. It can be such a mess. This is a great alternative. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness!

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