Fruity O’s Rainbow Color Craft

This is a fun rainbow craft for kids to practice their colors. Use whatever colored cereal you have to make this colorful rainbow!

Rainbows are a great medium for kids to practice their colors, you could also go on a toy rainbow hunt to get the kids moving!

This craft was not planned and was on a day that Henry was feeling particularly lazy.

Fruity O's Rainbow Color Craft

Everything was ‘Nooooo….’ Or ‘Not now….’ Or ‘I’m busy’ [as he lays around some more]… Do you ever have those days with your kids?

So I pulled out some fruity colored Cheerios and drew a rainbow in those colors with markers [there’s only 5 colors of the cereal…]. [I cheated and used a plate to start my rainbow, then spaced the other lines out the size of a Cheerio.]

This was definitely a collaborative effort. For one because of the prior mentioned laziness. And two because the glue tended to dry too fast for Henry to get the Cheerios on.

Henry matched up the colors of the Cheerios to the outline of the Rainbow. I glued little by little as we went along. Henry did the entire rainbow himself with the occasional push from me to keep going
[again, see above laziness].

Once he got going though, he really enjoyed it.
Fruity O's Rainbow Color Craft

Henry snitched the occasional double Cheerio that were stuck together. Along with some broken ones. He was very good about not eating the good ones, surprisingly.

After the Rainbow was complete,we added some clouds by tearing up cotton balls and gluing them on each end of the Rainbow. To keep this in the theme of the edible crafting materials, you could use mini marshmallows instead of the cotton balls. But whatever you got on hand works!

I cannot tell you how proud Henry is of his rainbow. Its another 12×12 masterpiece!

Fruity O's Rainbow Color Craft

Somewhere over the Rainbow. [I won’t go into what that means to me right now, but for those of you that already know…] This rainbow will be staying up in the house long past St. Patrick’s Day.


Henry was 2.5 years old.


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  1. Honeybee says

    Cute. Maybe i can copy your idea to comfort my baby boy too.
    Healthy Beautiful Blog
    i'm your new follower.

  2. Deborah says

    I love all the bright colors – I am thinking that maybe fruit Loops are much better for you to glue than to eat:)

  3. RedTedArt says

    Oh! We have lots of those "no days"… well done for getting his attention and getting him "working"! Collaborative effort or not the final result is LOVELY!! And we often have to collaborate to finish things!!! :-)

    (thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!)

  4. TheBoyandMe says

    This is ace! I love your creativity and ingenuity. I’m making this with The Boy most definitely.

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