Family Challenge: Get Outside as a Family

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Monthly Family Challenge by The Family Network

The Family Network is bringing you a monthly Family Challenge, in hopes to challenge you to do the same.

April’s Family Challenge is to Get Outside as a Family.

I’ve been saying over and over that this weather has been incredible this year. (We mowed the lawn in March, when has that ever happened before?)

Anyhow. April is a pretty busy month for us with Easter and Henry’s birthday, and just being outside and getting everything ready. But I love it. Its the best, it always seems like a new start.

Family Challenge Get Outside in April

When the weather starts getting nicer, we start going on family walks in the evening, after dinner and before bath. I absolutely love this time because its the one part of the day that my husband and I get a chance to catch up with each other while the kids are so nicely contained in the stroller. We like to take the double stroller just for this purpose, but there are times that Henry wants to walk too, which is even better. Its a slower walk then, but he gets to decide where we go then.

LDS Parenting is hosting April’s Family Challenge, the challenge is brought to you by The Family Network:

I already know we’ll be getting outside *almost* on a daily basis with our evening family walk. But I also want to add a couple more ways that I’d like to enjoy the outdoors with my family this month:

  • An outdoor family picnic in the yard or at the park
  • Go Frisbee golfing with the entire family
  • An Easter Egg Hunt that involves the whole family.

April Family Challenge Get Outside

This month The Family Network challenges you to :


LDS Parenting is challenging us (and you) to get outside this month as a family. Any day of April will do, choose an activity, plant a flower, stargaze, take a walk as a family, clean up trash, hang a birdfeeder, etc… then come and tell us what you did! What was your favorite part? What will you remember the most? We are making memories here!!!

Share your ideas and pictures by:

  • Commenting right here on the blog, tell us how you’re getting outside as a family this month.
  • Share on the hands on : as we grow Facebook Page. I’d love to see pictures or just your ideas!
  • Share your family outdoor activities with us below, you can link a blog post if you have it, or an image!

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  1. Gina says

    I love this! We just started a year long challenge on our blog to play/craft/eat/walk, etc. outside each day for at least 15 minutes! We began today by taking the family on an Easter trolley ride. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Getting out and trying new things helps you appreciate the time you spend together as a family!

  2. Lisa Nolan says

    Hi Jamie!

    Love your post and pics! I will have to link up! Tweet, pin, FB, G+ it, too!

    We’ve had great weather out here in California, what would we ever do if it snowed!? LOL! We live so close to beaches, parks,

    Kudos to you (and the other moms) for the “Get Outside as a Family” link up… I will add it/link it in my latest post (Get Kids Moving).

    Thanks for letting me use your pic, BTW, I added it (see link below) and started my first link up, I was hoping you could help me spread the word (I have one person who linked up so far.) Thanks! (I also have a page for it.)

  3. says

    We also did a outdoor scavenger hunt (ours was focused on colors since I have a toddler. He took photos with his camera).

    and we took our art outdoors – – making an ugly duckling using cotton balls, dirt and glue.

    Since we live in SoCal and my husband is off for “Spring Break” this week – we did a two-day getaway and went to the beach. It was our toddlers first time walking into the ocean on his own. He screeched in delight as the cold waves came in, and back at home, we cooked out!

  4. Cerys @ rainy day mum says

    What a great idea – we’re trying to get outdoors as much as possible – when the weather is nice it’s so easy but my challenge is when the weather isn’t as nice. That will be my challenge this April.

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