Fabric Painted Pillowcase


Remember our tie dyed pillowcase gift wrap?

I added to it for a special little girl’s birthday gift! I used this rather cool fabric paint called DecoArt Ink Effects that irons on whatever you paint!

I’ll show you the simple how-to [though, its pretty easy, so there's not really much to show you!].

And the best part is that its not all crunchy and crisp like most iron-ons that you find. So its perfect for a pillowcase that delicate little heads will be sleeping on!


Design it!

Figure out what you want to make. What kind of fabric you want it on. And make a design. Either sketch it out, or plan it in your head. Whatever works best for you.

My first design didn’t pan out. I wanted to decorate those canvas storage cubes for the toy room. Turns out that those cubes are a coated canvas and it just melts when you iron them! So that’s a no-go!

But, I do have these butterfly stencils that I used to trace onto paper.

That’s all it takes, just regular old printer paper, or whatever you have! Nothing special.


I chose three of the Ink Effects colors to paint my design to coordinate with the already tie-dyed pillowcase.

I ended up painting three coats to make sure it was solidly covered. The photo below is after one coat of paint and you can see the brush strokes.


Note: the paint dries [and paints on] a color slightly different than what it will show up on your fabric. Use the color dot on the bottle as a guide.

After I was satisfied with the coverage on the paper and the design was completely dry, I cut the butterflies a part and laid them out on the fabric, in my case, our pillowcase. Keep in mind that if you’re laying them right side up [like I have here] they will be reversed when you iron them on. I wasn’t that picky since letters weren’t involved.


Note: If you’re working fabric that’s 30% cotton or more, you absolutely need to use the Ink Effect Basecoat. Spray it onto your fabric liberally and let dry. Make sure to get the edges well. [You may want to protect the surface around your fabric.] I didn’t get my edges covered as well as I liked with the Basecoat and could definitely see a difference when I ironed it on.


Iron it!

Simple. Flip over your design so the paint is on the fabric and iron for a good minute or so. Have your iron cranked up as high as it can go.


As I was ironing, I periodically checked the design to see how it was transferring by carefully lifting an edge.

It should appear as a bright, solid design.


Continue ironing your entire design!


Use it!

Time to use the pillowcase! Enjoy!


Allison at No Time For Flash Cards made a completely awesome, washable place mat using these fabric paints! I’m so jealous I didn’t think of it. But now I’m gonna have to make it! I love the ABCs on it!


I’m heading over to DecoArt Ink Effect’s Facebook page to share them what we created. I invite you to do the same!


I wrote this post, and received the product, as part of a paid campaign with DecoArt Ink Effects and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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    This is super adorable! I am going to be doing these with my kids here soon. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

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