Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

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An Easter craft that toddlers can do! A simple craft with tissue paper collage that turns out as a cross to put in your window for Easter!

Easter cross suncatcher for toddlers to make

It just doesn’t seem like it’s Easter yet for some reason. I just haven’t gotten in that complete ‘Spring’ mode, besides by being outside every day possible!

Seriously, I just (as in last weekend) put the snowmen away in my house. I just haven’t gotten my mind wrapped around this awesome weather. Or maybe its just that I’m too lazy, or too busy playing outside with the boys.

Anyhow. We did attempt to decorate a little to get our minds in the mood for the upcoming holiday, Easter!

And this time, George got to take part in this little craft that’s great for toddlers.

An Easter Cross collage of tissue paper on contact paper (just like our Shamrocks and our Mother’s Day Flowers we did last year). Super simple to do and super fun for the kids to touch the stickiness of the contact paper.

I added a little fun element to it this time by taping it to the window instead of on a table.

I taped up contact paper to the window (sticky side towards us of course). George added his own little touch of tape in the process.

I also laid out a few scraps of tissue paper and scrapbook paper scraps.

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

George did love the stickiness. But, honestly, after he had stuck a few pieces of tissue paper on, he liked ripping them off more.

Every piece that wasn’t pressed down completely, he pulled right off. That was his great fun.

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

So I left him alone with it, not pushing him into doing it.

I peeked back to see what he was working on…

He had the back of the contact paper stuck up there (such a cutie)!

And he also tried taking it all down. So I ended up taping around every side of the contact paper (instead of just top and bottom).

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

Henry came home and got right in on the action. Curious what it was all about.

His goal was to fill the entire sheet up completely with the papers. He was definitely on a mission.

It was really nice to see the boys working side by side together. (George really thought it was much more interesting once Henry had interest in it… funny how that goes, isn’t it?)

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

Here’s a look from the outside while the boys did their work, an almost complete collage.

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

Then I covered it with another piece of contact paper, flattening everything out.

I drew a quick sketch of a cross on it and cut it out.

I had strict instructions from Henry to not cut the wavy orange line at all. So my cross shrank a little.

I cut out a few triangles to add some pizzazz to the Easter cross. Henry helped me tape them up onto the window then and counted each of the triangles. Ten of them (not the eight that I thought I had cut out).

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

And here’s a view from the outside…

I wish the tape didn’t show as well as it does (it doesn’t quite show this bad in person)… but from further away it isn’t noticeable.

Easter Craft with Tissue Paper: Cross Collage

There ya go! An Easter craft for the holiday that reminds you of the reason for the season.

Tissue paper crafts like this collage are so versatile!

You can literally cut out any shape you’d like for whatever holiday or season!

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