Craft for Toddlers: Nature Collage Suncatcher

We started these nature suncatchers by going the nature scavenger hunt that I shared last week, and it turns out, its a great craft for toddlers to do! Contact paper is wonderful!

For the little amount of flowers I have in my yard, these still turned out colorful and fun! The colorful frames added such a nice touch of color, I think!

I found this idea to hang in the window that Jean of The Artful Parent shared in the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack. They’re just gorgeous!

Craft for Toddlers: Nature Collage Suncatcher

We kept these pretty simple. [Ideal!]

I made the frames for the suncatchers using leftover birthday paper plates. I always have green ones on hand [because Henry’s favorite color is green… so we have that every year]. And we had orange plates this past birthday too, so they were fun colors to match with nature items I think!

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I loved what Jean did for her frames though, and that brought the kids into the craft a little bit more than we did.

Frame for Nature Suncatcher Craft

To make the frame, I just cut out the center of the plate. That was easy enough.

Then I used the center piece that I cut out to figure out the size of contact paper that I’d need. I cut a square just larger than the center of the plate. And trimmed down the corners just a tad to make sure they wouldn’t stick out past the plate edges.

I stuck that onto the back of the paper plate, so the sticky side of the contact paper was up when I set the plate on the table.

Contact paper makes this an easy craft for toddlers.

The boys then played around and added their nature items to the contact paper, inside the paper plate frame.

They added nature objects that we found from our scavenger hunt. Tore them apart into little pieces, or added big pieces. They took stuff away from it too. The contact paper isn’t too sticky, so that can easily be done. I wish I had more photos of the boys working at it, but I was happily making my own suncatcher with them that I only got a couple snapshots.

I love contact paper as a medium, to craft with toddlers especially, but Henry really enjoyed this too. Contact paper is a mess-free way to glue! It’s so easy and kids love the stickiness of it. It’s like magic to them!

Craft for Toddlers: Nature Collage Suncatcher

When the nature collages are finished, I attached a piece of ribbon to the top of the paper plate frame [I just stapled ours on] and hung it in a window from the window locks [or use a curtain rod].

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George is 2.5 years old. Henry is 5 years old.

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  1. Barbara Allisen says

    These would make wonderful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts! Thank you from 123kindergarten.

  2. Alison says

    This is the perfect way for us to display the petals my 15 month old daughter brings into the house during our walks in the yard.

  3. Andrea says

    Do you put contact paper down, lay the leaves/flowers etc and then more contact paper? or just the one contact paper? thanks!

    • says

      We used just the one piece of contact paper for this one. I’ve sandwiched it in the past, but I think with the nature pieces, it wouldn’t cover very well with a second piece.

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