Toy Color Scavenger Hunt to Make a Rainbow!

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Go on a color scavenger hunt around the house for what’s already all over. The toys! Find them in every color of the rainbow!

Go on a color scavenger hunt around the house for toys to make a rainbow.

We’re going on a color toy hunt!

A hunt for toys in the colors of the rainbow.

I started with drawing a rainbow on a large sheet of butcher (art) paper.

(That’s it! Not much for prep!)

Draw a rainbow to go on a color scavenger hunt for toys to make a rainbow

I sent Henry on a scavenger hunt for small toys of each color of the rainbow.

We had a fun time searching around the house for each color.

Henry arranged the toys onto the rainbow I drew to make a rainbow.

Go on a color scavenger hunt for toys to make a rainbow!

It took a lot of toys!

And some testing to see what toys ‘fit’ onto the rainbow (some were way too large to place on such a small line).

Make a rainbow with toys in all the colors of the rainbow

It was a fun color scavenger hunt to do with Henry, plus we just love rainbows.

And Henry wanted to keep our rainbow toy collage set up.

It was hard to keep George from it, but we did manage to keep it for a couple of days, when Henry was ready to put the toys away. Another adventure of using his dump truck to haul them all.

Some other scavenger hunts of ours:

There are so many fun color scavenger hunt ideas! Check out this color hunt from The Imagination Tree too!

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  1. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam says

    Love this post!! I came up with something very similar but it looks more like a heap of junk, so haven’t posted it yet on the blog since I am going to give it another go with my daughter to see if we can turn out a little better. ;) She did have fun making it.

  2. Jackie says

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for having SEVEN colors. I am surprised at how many posts about rainbows are only six colors. My grandkids know that there are seven colors (thank you Cat in The Hat, and Sid the Science Kid) and anything less they will proclaim are WRONG. I know I could just add another color to any project, but some of the printables out there only have six. When we do our color science theme I will link to you! So again…THANK YOU!

    PS. Prismacolor Colored Pencils actually have an indigo color whew!

  3. Marnie @ Carrots are Orange says

    Adorable. Love it. Can’t wait to do it. I’ve done this sort of thing with a Venn Diagram and combining colors…but I am partial to this rainbow approach! TY for sharing with us!

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