Christmas Flashlight Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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Alrighty kids, let’s go on a flashlight scavenger hunt!

A quick activity to set up. I grabbed some Christmas bows from my wrapping paper stash and stuck them around the boys’ rooms upstairs while it was almost time for dinner.

Super simple!

Go on a Christmas flashlight scavenger hunt looking for Christmas bows in the dark!

I called the boys to go on a scavenger hunt for some Christmas bows!

With one exception. No lights were to be turned on. Just use their flashlights.

Go on a flashlight scavenger hunt looking for Christmas bows

Alrighty! Super fun Mom! (Yay! I’m cool!)

Set out on a flashlight scavenger hunt to find Christmas bows!

They searched awhile on their own for the 9 Christmas bows that I hid around the rooms and only came up with four.

So I came to the rescue to help a little.

I gave them clues, if they’re getting hotter or colder (that’s a new concept for George!).

I saw they were mostly just carrying their flashlights around the room, and looking for things while their flashlight was aimed at the floor…

I prodded them to use their flashlights to shine it on all the things in the room, look up and down, under and over their bed, dressers, windows and doors.

Search for the Christmas bows with a flashlight

Once they found a Christmas bow, they stuck it on their shirts so they could keep tally of how many they’ve found.

Henry’s quite the winner… and made sure to rub it in George’s face. Yeah… we need to work on that.

Go on a flashlight scavenger hunt looking for Christmas bows in the dark - fun!

Eventually, all the Christmas bows were found and it was time for dinner!

This Christmas scavenger hunt was a great way for us to have a not-so-crazy evening in the ever-so-hectic time of year.

More Christmas fun? Go on a candy cane scavenger hunt, a great idea from Dirt and Boogers!

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