Activities for Kids to Do on Car Rides

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How do you entertain the kids during when you’re traveling on a road trip?

Last year, I shared tips for traveling with kids. Not just activities to do with the kids, but also tips in general from some of my favorite bloggers, the 20 Must Follow Moms.

This year, we’re planning a road trip again. We never go too far, and always can get there in a day, but we still need activities for the kids to keep busy. Especially on the way home, because that’s when we’re all tired and just want to be at home.

I am also excited to partner with Bridgestone for the upcoming BlogHer conference I’m off to this week! They have this cool new line of DriveGuard tires that, in case you get a flat (run over a nail for instance), allows you to still drive on it for up to 50 more miles at up to 50 mph!* That should get me to the nearest fix-it shop!

Activities for kids to do on car rides

These are my go-to items for car rides with kids 5 and under. Please tell me what you love to take along!

These items are affiliate links, thanks for supporting hands on : as we grow!

  • Imaginets – a magnetic white board case with magnet shapes to create. (Included some of Henry’s Crayola washable markers that easily wipe off with baby wipes.)
  • I Spy Bottle for either of the boys to find hidden shapes and letters in the rice.
  • Stickers and construction paper.
  • Before having our own iPad, we brought along a Portable DVD Player with a couple DVD’s – we never owned one though, so I checked one out for a week from my local library!
  • Little toys that Henry packed in a small bag.
  • Special snacks (like chocolate milk and trail mix).
  • Travel Lap Tray for eating snacks and playing.
  • Loads more ideas for fun travels from other moms found here.

We also play a version of I Spy – we look for semis. The kids each choose a color of semi to look for, and then we count them. This usually ends up being more of a game for the adults than it is for the kids – they just like to point out the semis (which is constantly, by the way).

With Henry, since he’s a little bit older, we do the ABC game. Both the version with finding the letters of the alphabet on signs, as well as the phonics version of finding objects that start with the letters.

Most importantly, we take breaks constantly. Not only for meals and gas, but in between every hour and a half or so, we’ll stop at a park and let the kids run and play on a playground for 15 minutes before hopping back in the van.

These activities for the car ride have always made the trip much more pleasurable and end up with happy kids (and mom and dad!) when we arrive.

With these activities and tires like Bridgestone DriveGuard, we can make it to our destination all in one piece! Phew! That’s always an accomplishment.

Bridgestone is going have the DriveGuard No Pressure Zone booth at BlogHer’s 10th Annual Conference in San Jose this week (June 24th-26th).

I’ll also get to test out the new DriveGuard tires at their special Bridgestone Drive and Learn Event on Friday, June 25th! I’ll get to experience firsthand what it’s like to drive with a DriveGuard tire at zero pressure, AND I’ll get to take those babies for a spin on an autocross course in a BMW! Sweet! Have any questions you want me to ask the team?

Stop by the Bridgestone DriveGuard No Pressure Zone booth! I’ll be there for a bit too so be sure to say “Hi” if you see me! You can also:

  • Learn more about these DriveGuard tires that let you drive with a flat to a safe and convenient place to get your tire repaired or replaced.
  • Get a manicure and a massage!
  • Take selfies at the Selfiebration Station
  • Learn about car care tips from the team at Firestone Auto Care — they’re sure fuss-free tips too!
  • Enter to win a free set of tires and a car care package including lifetime alignment by taking a picture at the No Pressure Zone anytime during the conference. Just share the photo using #DriveGuard and #contest (follow them and you’ll find me there too!). There’s no purchase necessary, see the official rules for more information.

Follow Bridgestone and Firestone Complete Auto Care on Facebook and on Twitter: @Bridgestone and @FirestoneAuto for more information!

*Repairability of DriveGuard tires depends on the tire damage, amount of pressure loss and vehicle operating conditions. Contact a Bridgestone retailer for details.

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