Busy Play: Ribbons in a Bottle

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This is another super simple activity that can keep the kids busy while you put dinner on the table.

Busy Toddler Play: Ribbons in a Bottle

Rubber bands have been a great way for me to keep kids busy before dinner too. Plus check out all our busy play ideas!

What you’ll need:

  • A bottle [something with a smallish neck].
  • And a bunch of cut up ribbons of various length.
Busy Toddler Activity: Ribbons in a Bottle


Let the kids do as they please.

Mine put each ribbon into the bottle one at a time [working on fine motor skills in the process].

Busy Toddler Activity: Ribbons in a Bottle

George took a turn, but wanted to take them out, only to have Henry put it in again.

Henry also tried finding the ribbon that was the longest, maybe another activity could be to line them up from shortest to longest, or to see if you could find two of the same size.

Not a lot to it, but definitely something that can keep them busy for a few minutes while you get something done quick.

Busy Toddler Activity: Ribbons in a Bottle

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  1. Gina says

    What a fun idea! When my 19 month old was younger I used to put scarves in an old diaper wipe container and he had lots of fun pulling them out and playing peek-a-boo under the scarf.

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