Box Flap Bridges & an Experiment

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I think I can now be certified as a civil engineer.

What? Experience would be needed?

My Experience:

and the latest: Box Flap Bridges

Bridges made with the box flaps! Cool activity for preschoolers
I had a ton of box flaps that I cut off from a previous road project. (Ha, more experience!)

This time I thought some bridges would be fun to add in the mix.

I used clothespins to hold the flaps together.

(I chose clothespins because I thought Henry would like to help build the roads this time, but he wasn’t into it yet. Maybe next time now that he’s seen how its done.)

Henry stood up boxes so they were about as high as our play table.

Together we constructed a network of roads and bridges!

Henry tried out his vehicles on his new bridges, and Dad even joined in for awhile.

Caution:Weight limit on bridges.

My engineering may need work. Maybe I’ll stick with being just the toy road expert.
Bridges made with the flaps of cardboard boxes

The bridges were used as a (roofless) fort too.

Henry played as much in the roads as he did on them.

Funny Faces!

(Idea from the Toddler Busy Book) (affiliate link)

I cut lots of eyes, noses and mouths out of a couple magazines to make funny faces!

I actually didn’t get any pictures of Henry doing this.

The above pictures are faces I made before he started to show him what to do.

Henry only wanted to sort the facial features.

Henry also thought it was fun to tell me which lips were mine and which eyes were Dad’s.

He kept having me hold them up to my face to decide if they were mine or not.

Ivory Soap Explosion!

I saw this great Ivory Soap Experiment over at Housing a Forest.

Be sure to check out that post because it includes a video of the entire experiment.

Henry may be in love with the microwave (just a little).

So this was sure to get his attention.

Here goes!

Put a bar of Ivory Soap in the microwave. (I’m not sure if other kinds work or not)

Just 2 minutes on High Power.

Watch….  Watch… Watch…

About 20 seconds in, it’ll start growing!

Our soap didn’t explode nearly as much as it did at Housing the Forest, but it was still nifty to see.

We then decided to stick the soap explosion under water.

The soap becomes very light and airy, so the water broke through and made holes right away.

At one point, we stuck it back in the microwave to see what would happen now that its wet… nothing.

Henry may have enjoyed the water part more than the microwave part!

He may have a little fascination with water, too.

Or the kitchen sink.

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  1. Kammy Wielenga says

    okay, that face thing is right up my alley! I hope Tobin will like that!!! And the soap thing… I wanna do that too… but then there's that part of me that's like, "what? waste a whole bar of soap?!" haha I'll have to get over that. actually, maybe we'll do that at Grandma'a!! problem solved. :)

  2. Rachele says

    Thank you for sharing your road building! I love how you used clothes pins to pin it all together. Very creative! The experiment was fun to see too. May have to give that one a try!

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