Canned Food Blocks for Toddlers

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The simplest of blocks for toddlers.

After having canned foods out from the older boys’ connect the colors activity, Louis woke from his nap to find a pile of canned foods on the floor.

He looked at them like they were a new toy to play with! They ended up being a great alternative to blocks. Great for beginner stacking!

Louis got right into stacking them up. And knocking them down! Because that’s what he’s best at right now!

Simple stacking activity with canned food! Easy blocks for toddlers!

I was impressed by his stacking skills. He stacked them 4 or 5 high sometimes!

He struggled from time to time, trying to put a bigger can on top of a smaller can and it not balancing well.

Blocks for toddlers -- canned food!

He did drop a couple on his toes, but he was un-phased and kept right at it.

Tip: If you’re worried about hurt toes, put their shoes on!

Stacked canned food as blocks for toddlers

I often have a lot of canned food in my pantry. We live rural, so when I go shopping, I buy a lot and stock up for a month at a time, especially on pantry items.

Canned food as blocks for toddlers

We later rolled the cans back and forth to each other. But Louis couldn’t roll them far.

He sure thought it was funny to have me roll them to him though!

Rolling canned food back and forth

And George joined later and bowled with the cans!

He set them up in a line and then used another can as the ball to knock them down.

Bowling with canned food

We’ve been finding lots to do with canned food, what else should we do?

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