Pick up Blocks! A Fine Motor Activity

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This is a quick block activity to promote fine motor skills for the toddlers that just loves blocks! Add in an everyday item such as your kitchen tongs, and it makes it fun and exciting to just pick up blocks!

Block activities have been a top choice for the boys lately. But cleaning up the blocks really isn’t their top choice. While this wasn’t intended as cleanup activity, but more just something to occupy George one morning since he’s been extremely clingy since Louis was born.

Fine Motor Block Activity for Toddlers

With a bucket of blocks at hand and my regular kitchen tongs, I set George up to transfer blocks from the tub to another container.

We just used the standard wooden blocks (affiliate link) that come in all sorts of shapes and colors. But any type of block that you have would work, like your Mega Bloks (affiliate link) or even Bristle Blocks (affiliate link).

George struggled from time to time with using the tongs. It kept locking shut with the clasp. But he thought he was pretty clever when he was able to grab a block!

The container I had to put it in was a tall skinny one that made it interesting to put in. I think that made it more fun than just a regular old tub I have in my Tupperware drawer.

Fine Motor Block Activity for Toddlers

And he did use his hands to help out too!

Whether he was closing the tongs with one or both hands, didn’t bother me one bit.

It was strengthening his hands either way.

Fine Motor Block Activity for Toddlers

George has always had amazing fine motor skills for his age. The grasp he has on a pencil has always surprised me, even at 18 months. Such a vast difference from his older brother who excelled in gross motor skills very early on. It makes me wonder what Louis will excel in? One of my kids has to like to sing and dance, right?

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