A ‘Spy Game’ Scavenger Hunt

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A fun and easy way to get the kids moving. Go on a ‘spy game’ scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are always a hit here. It’s an easy way I can get the boys moving without little effort on my end. And they love, love, love them! A couple of ones we’ve done recently:

After weeks of all the boys being sick, I need to get them moving and doing something other than watching TV. Yes, we do that sometimes, and when they’re sick it seems that’s all they want to do.

I told the boys I was setting up an activity and headed upstairs. I made it suspenseful by telling them not to come up until I told them I was ready. They couldn’t stay away! George was next to me within minutes, trying to help out.

I set up the scavenger hunt maze of tape in our hallway upstairs. I just strung painters tape back and forth at different heights across the hallway. Then I stuck pom poms all over. To each string of tape, as well as a few easy ones on the floor.

There’s lots and lots of super fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids! Have fun!

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Then Henry joined us.

It was time to go on the spy hunt.

I set the rules quick before they started.

Our rules to the ‘Spy’ Scavenger Hunt:

  • The point was to get from the beginning to the end.
  • And pick up as many pom poms as you could along the way.
  • If you knocked down a piece of tape, you had to go back to the beginning, let me fix it, and then start over. (I got my workout in too stepping over all the pieces of tape.)

I gave them bags to collect their pom poms in and they were off!

spy game scavenger hunt-20130319-10

I thought for sure they’d have to start over many times. I think they each started over once. George maybe twice. But they were pretty good about keeping the tape in tact.

George didn’t really get the collecting pom poms part, he found a few though. It was mostly at the end that he decided that he better go back and get some.

spy game scavenger hunt-20130319-9

Henry took his sweet time, not rushing through at all to be the first one done. He was concerned with getting the most (if not all) pom poms.

A scavenger hunt for pom poms through the Tape Maze

Even once they finished, they went back through a few more times to collect any other pom poms they missed. Which was great for me to not have to go through and clean up by myself. Is that a sneaky way for me to get them to cleanup for activities, or what?

More clean up came when we were done.

The boys tore down the tape happily. And George loves to gather it all together in a big ball. Which makes cleanup even easier for me.

spy game scavenger hunt-20130319-11

When I saw Teach Preschool’s Weaving Through a Rainbow post for St. Patrick’s Day, I knew I had to do something similar. It was just looked too fun not to do it!

Do you like tape like we do? These are a few of our fun tape activities:

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