26 Tin Can Crafts & Activities For Kids!

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Upcycling is free. Upcycling is versatile. Upcycling can be done with things you have on hand. Tin can crafts and activities are a great way to upcycle!

Tin cans… I have a lot on hand, at all times!

Here are 26 tin can crafts, activities, holiday ideas, as well as music makers that you can do- with the kids!

26 Tin Can Crafts & Activities For Kids!

Tin can activities for kids:

Tin Can Telephone Activity Tin can stilts
Tin Can Telephone
Childhood 101
The Mud Pie Makers
Tin can races Tin can magnetic robot
Tin Can Races
Tip Junkie
Magnetic Robot
The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Tin can towers Paint with tin cans
 Tin Can Towers:
Teach Preschool
Paint with Tin Cans
Toddler Approved
Rolling tin cans painting A tin can magnetic play set
 Rolling Tin Cans Painting:
Playfully Learning
Magnetic Play Set
Teach Preschool

Kids can make music with tin cans:

Tin can xylophone tin can balloon drums
Tin Can Xylophone
Busy Bee Kids Crafts
Drums with balloons:
hands on : as we grow
Big tin can drums tin can wind chimes
Tin Can Drums
Red Ted Art
Wind Chimes & Sharpies
Dilly-Dali Art
tin can noise makers Tin can wind chimes
Noise Makers
Greening Sam & Avery
Painted Wind Chimes
hands on : as we grow

Tin can crafts for kids:

Tin can robot upcycled robot
A Tin Can Robot
Living at the Whitehead Zoo
Upcycled Robot
Plaid Kids Crafts
tin can caterpillar tin can lantern
Tin Can Caterpillar
hands on : as we grow
Tin Can Lantern:
Jolly Goode Gal
tin can planters tin can forest
Tin Can Planters:
Whip Up
hands on : as we grow

Tin cans crafts for the holidays:

tin can Halloween luminaries Tin can totem pole for Halloween
 Halloween: Luminaries
Not Just Decorating
Halloween: Totem Pole
Child Central Station
Tin can scarecrow Tin can winter luminaries
 Thanksgiving: Scarecrow
Taloola Kids
Winter: Luminaries
Life at Willow Cottage
snow-man-wind-chime-001 Tin can wind sock for 4th of July
Winter: Tin Can Snowman
hands on : as we grow
 4th of July: Windsock
Random Thoughts of a Supermom

I have an ongoing list of tin can ideas found on my Tin Can Pinterest Board. There are ideas for adult crafters too!

What other tin can crafts and activities can we do?

Click the image below for what to do with crayons! They’re not just for coloring!

What to do with crayons: 35 Uses for Crayons
More collections of play ideas!

Ready for fun with your kids?

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