15 Fall Activities & Crafts for Kids

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These are fall activities and crafts that were shared on It’s Playtime linky party that I used to run here a couple of years ago. There was always great content found and these are no exception!

It’s Fall and gorgeous as ever!

My favorite time of year is among us and I’m celebrating by sharing with you 10 ideas to do with the kids this fall!

Four crafty, or things to make, with the kids and six things to go do with the kids this fall! Gotta love them!

15 fall activities and crafts for kids to do this season

8 Fall Crafts to Make with the Kids

(above, from top, left to right)

  1. Catch your eye with this gorgeous suncatcher from Taming the Goblin. Gorgeous fall colors to make this leaf for your window. While you’re checking that out, check out the Kids Co-op Party! Lots of ideas to find and explore!
  2. Red Ted Art creates a stunning mobile from items they found in nature. I’m just in awe of this fall craft.
  3. Get in the kitchen with your kids and make some of this scrumptious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that Cheerios and Lattes shares! (We have chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin donuts at our bakery, but no pumpkin chocolate chip muffin!)
  4. And you can’t go through fall without enjoying some apples! Create these paper plate apple trees from Reading Confetti.
  5. Make a fun beaded spider to hang for the season.
  6. Create a simple apple tree craft for toddlers.
  7. String together leaves for a leaf garland in the window.
  8. Make a kid-sized scarecrow.

8 Fall Crafts for kids

7 Fall Activities to Do with the Kids

(above, from top, left to right)

  1. Playful Learners adds in objects from nature into some cloud dough and created a fall sensory tub! I love the combination of textures for this!
  2. This Mumma’s Life has a whole bunch of fall activities that they do as a family!
  3. An autumn scavenger hunt is something on our fall bucket list! I’m glad Chalkboard to Strollers provided us with a printable for it!
  4. Another way of having a fall sensory tub is with colored rice! These colors are gorgeous that Play Through the Day made!
  5. And we can’t forget Halloween in the midst of fall! Check out these Halloween traditions from the Mouths of Mums on B Inspired Mama!
  6. Make a sticky spider web for kids to throw paper into!
  7. Make a pumpkin scented sensory bin for kids.

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