13 Ways to Get Creative with Tape Resist Art

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I have a thing for using tape in activities, and tape resist art is a fun way to be creative with it!

I love using tape resist art as a cool way for toddlers to do an art project and actually make something out of it. Its easy for them and beautiful in the end.

Two quick tips for creating tape resist art successfully:

  • Use painter’s tape,(affiliate link) it comes in all sorts of widths.
  • Peal off the tape when its just barely dried. Don’t let it sit for days, and don’t do it if the paper is soaked through (still wet).

What can you make with tape resist art? What techniques can you use?

I’ve collected 13 easy ways to get creative with tape resist art!

13 Ways to Get Creative with Tape Resist Art

 What to make with tape resist art?

  • Create something special for each child with their initial taped out and paint over it. Use edible finger paint so toddlers and older babies can join in!
  • Make tape resist snowflakes! Bonus: There’s a recipe for corn syrup paint too, from Play Create Explore.
  • Make grids with paint and tape that’s Mondrian inspired, from The Usual Mayhem.
  • Paint a cross for some easy Easter tape art. A lovely one is found at The Golden Gleam.
  • Trees can be made with tape art too! A great idea from Flying Crayons.
  • A flag… stripes! Easy with tape resist art from House of Brown
  • More stripes. Especially for the holidays, tape resist art makes candy canes easy peasy.

 Techniques to try with tape resist art:

  • Make tape resist art while trying straw painting! Great idea from De Tout Et De Rien.
  • Let the kids scribble over tape art! Brilliant and super duper easy for toddlers. From Lines Across.
  • Tape on fabric and drawing over it with markers! I never would have thought of this, so cool! From Mommy Labs.
  • Just let the child lead the way with the tape and then paint it. The tape itself is the art in this and its a perfect art activity for toddlers. From Tired Need Sleep.
  • Crayon melting over initial tape art from Dilly Dali Art.
  • Let your kid make random tape marks, color over them with crayons, markers, watercolors. Whatever you got. And then cut out shapes, such as Easter eggs!

A couple of these are very cool crayon activities that I’ve featured in What to do with Crayons: 35 Uses for Crayons.

I know the possibilities are almost endless with tape.

How have you gotten creative with tape resist art?

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  1. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam says

    Oh, we haven’t done tape resist in awhile. You have reinspired me to do it again at home since our younger three haven’t done it.

    Thank you for linking to our tape resist cross. We had so much fun with that and it made such a beautiful decoration for our Easter mantel.

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