11 Fun Ways for Preschoolers to Clean Up

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Cleaning is a part of life, unfortunately.

Why not start at a young age?

I like to include clean up as part of the activity we’re doing.

Making it fun makes it seem more like something we get to do, rather than have to.

11 fun ways for preschoolers to help clean up - and love it!

Henry usually goes with my ideas and generally loves the clean up better than the activity itself.

I think it makes him feel important and that’s he’s doing hard work. All the better!

A life lesson and my preschooler feels good about himself, all while having a good time! (And plus the house gets cleaned!)

You may be impressed, but Henry can help out a lot around here.

1. Cleaning windows is one of my least favorite jobs, and frankly, it rarely gets done. Henry to the rescue.

clean windows

2. Almost daily, Henry scrubs the tub during his bath, but he also cleans the shower.

clean the shower

3. One of the most fascinating ways to clean for a preschooler is with the vacuum.

Whether its with the big vacuum, or with my little stick vacuum, or even Dad’s shop vac, Henry is a sucker for the vacuum.


4. After snotty noses goes through the house, or when the toys get dragged outside, or if they get used for art, the toys do need to be cleaned on occasion.

5. Helping in the kitchen is usually the best way to distract Henry from anything else.

Pouring, mixing and his favorite, turning the mixer on and off. He loves to help in the kitchen.

help in the kitchen

6. After some baking, there’s always dishes to wash.

7. And after baking and washing dishes, the counter definitely needs a good scrubbing.

clean counters

8. One of my least favorite parts of doing arts or crafts is the glitter that’s often involved.

Luckily, I found a terrific way to clean up the glitter. And even better, Henry can do it.

clean up glitter

Henry’s not the only preschooler that gets a kick out of helping around the house.

9. Why not have them help with sweeping up the floor by making a target for them as Jenny did at Let the Children Play.

sweep clean

10. Get even the stubbornest kids to help pick up toys by using tongs only to pick up the toys.

A nifty idea from Nicole at The Activity Mom.

pick up toys

11. And now that you’ve got your good little helper all ready to go, make sure you keep them on track with a simple chore chart like Rachel at Kids Activities Blog made.

chore chart

Do you have a little helper in your house?

What do they do to help out?

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  1. cathy@pre-schoolplay says

    Every time I clean my windows (not often!) my daughter is there like a shot! She's actually got quite good at it now. With the little ones I look after we have a song that we sing, though admittedly some put more effort into singing than tidying – hmmm maybe I need to use some of your suggestions to motivate them:)

  2. ಪುಟ್ಟಿಯ ಅಮ್ಮ/Putti Amma says

    These are some great ideas! Putti loves the clean up part after our art activities and anything if it involves water:) And her favorite is washing car with her daddy!!

  3. OneMommy says

    I like the idea of making a target to help them sweep better. Wish I had thought of that! I also like the picking up with tongs. Wonder if that would make my daughter more interested? She loves to help do dishes and clean windows…It's just those scattered toys!

  4. Audrey's mom says

    So cute! Audrey and Maurene love to do all of those. I am going to have to use the tongs next time toys need cleaned up. Might have to go buy more just for that purpose!

  5. Jane@flightplatformliving says

    thats fab! it kind of made me realise i dont actually ask them to help! mmm cant see the wood for the trees time i think!!! thanks for replying on blogfrog! xxxxjane x

  6. Rene says

    I love the idea of getting my girls to help. How do you get them safely to the kitchen sink? We don’t let our girls stand on chairs. They are barely 2 years old.

    • says

      My kids use one of our step stools. It works well for us. It become an issue when 2 of the kids want to be there at the same time. So we use another smaller stool for my older one to stand on and the little one gets the step stool.

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