‘In Memory Of’ Collaborative Kids Art

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"In Memory Of" Collaborative Kids Art

100 Acts of Kindness.
Toddler Approved has a series on it, with many ideas for kindness and how to instill it in our children.

While we’re trying to do our acts of kindness, teaching what kindness is to a three year old seems tough at times. By acting kind to each other, and leading my example, is the only way I can figure out how to teach this concept.

To contribute to the Toddler Approved series, we are sharing a very special gift we made for his Grandpa, in memory of the boys’ Grandma.

While this is a more ‘elaborate’ project than a quick kindness gesture. May I just suggest creating something from the heart for someone you love as an act of kindness.

I first was inspired to do this project by this piece of art that Paint Cut Paste made to welcome a new baby. I switched it up a bit as a collaborative art piece with my sister-in-laws. We each had our oldest child (they are the ones that knew Grandma) paint a special piece of art of their liking to be included in one master piece of art.

I can only show you what Henry and I did on our end for the project, because the others did theirs at their place.
"In Memory Of" Collaborative Kids Art

Henry and I thought it would be neat to paint over a heart doily to make a neat print. We thought the heart would be a nice touch.

It didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, so Henry kept painting away. He added glue and glitter to his piece. There was a bit that looked like a start of a heart, so I added to it to complete the heart and this became the centerpiece of our collaborative piece of art.

"In Memory Of" Collaborative Kids Art

Each of the kids’ artwork…

"In Memory Of" Collaborative Kids Art

… it was now my turn to take control of the project.

Grandma was a quilter, so we decided on a simple 9-block pattern.

I cut up the artwork (so hard to cut up kids art by the way!) into squares and glued them together on a larger 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper.

Each of the adults in our families wrote a few sentences about her; what we remember of her, what we miss about her, and so on.

The memories became the border of the ‘quilt’.

"In Memory Of" Collaborative Kids Art

This was a work in progress for quite some time.

It encouraged me to talk with Henry about his Grandma and why we were giving this to Grandpa. We were given two amazing books when we lost his Grandma and continue to use them as a tool to talk about her as well. God Gave Us Heaven (affiliate link) and The Giving Tree are highly recommended.

While Henry doesn’t quite understand all the details of what this project means. He knew it was something special. And it was something special just for Grandpa.

Kindness is only a bonus reason for this project. But its definitely a major one.

Check out all the 100 Acts of Kindness series this month on Toddler Approved!

Have you done something kind today?

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