10 Stunning Flower Crafts to Make Mom

Mother's Day
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Every mom loves to get flowers on Mother’s Day, right? Homemade flower crafts made by the kids is even better in my book!

This is something we started doing a couple years ago for the Grandmas. At first it was just homemade cards, but now we’re getting a little craftier as Henry gets older.

We’re stuck on flowers in this house. Flowers just seem fitting for Mother’s Day, don’t they?

If you’re over all the flowers for Mother’s Day, check out our non-flower crafts for mom too!

Here are a few flower crafts to get your wheels turning. It always does for me, and now that I’ve looked these all up again, I’m kicking myself for not doing some of these other flower ideas that are so incredibly cute!

There’s many more spring crafts ideas for kids too if you want to try something other than flowers.

10 fun flower crafts for kids to make mom for Mother's Day

10 flower crafts for kids to make mom for Mother’s Day:

  1. Try making some coffee filter flowers by dipping them in watercolors!
  2. Simple tissue paper flowers are super easy to make, decorate them with markers and crayons if you’d like!
  3. Use a variety of painting techniques and make some flower wall art for Mom!
  4. Make some snowflake-like flowers for Mom, simple and cute idea found at Kitchen Counter Chronicles.
  5. Paper cups can make a cute flower, too! These could be great for a front of a Mother’s Day card! Toddler Approved has the how-to.
  6. Layered paper art turned into beautiful flowers to put on cards for Mom.
  7. Accordion style cuteness! A whole lineup of crafty flowers that look so simple and so adorable. Mom would love these from Make and Takes.
  8. A bunting of daffodils using egg cartons for their centers! NurtureStore is so creative as usual!
  9. Go on a nature hunt and make a bracelet from real flowers for Mom! Frog, Goose and Bear made a beautiful corsage!
  10. Sticky contact paper is a fun for the kids to use to create with. Cut the collage into flowers!

Don’t forget to make a vase to stick the flowers in for Mom, too! We made a yarn wrapped vase this year.

What’s so incredibly awesome about getting flower crafts the kids made is that they last forever! Literally years and years instead of just a few days. I love that Grandma still has the flowers we first made her!

Or you could just pick your mom some flowers from your own yard! Let your kid pick what they like around the house. Hey, dandelions are a favorite of most kids, let them pick at their own will!

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    Some great flower ideas for mothers day in there – thanks for sharing! Quite a few there that have been on my ‘must try’ list for a while. Mothers Day might be the perfect excuse! Thanks also for sharing our flower/nature bracelets – my girls LOVE making those!!

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