Valentine’s Day Craft: Tissue Wreath

Valentine's Day Craft: Tissue Wreath

This is one of my favorites so far!

Henry got busy painting a piece of white butcher paper [we get it from the bakery, you could use any kind of construction or art paper roll]. While he painted, I cut out a wreath shape from cardboard [Chalk in My Pocket, where I got this idea, used a pizza delivery box for this].

I then got busy making ‘flowers’ out of tissue paper. I quickly cut rough [about 8"] circles out of red and pink tissue paper. Then I just bunched it up in the middle and twisted a little. I handed it to Henry to dip in the paint. He then placed them on the wreath where he wanted them.


Painting Tissue Paper FlowersPainting Tissue Paper Flowers


I was hoping Henry would do the next part. Stapling the flowers to the wreath. But he had no interest, so I didn’t push it. He tried once, but couldn’t push the stapler hard enough to get through the cardboard. So I ended up doing that. I also cut hearts out of the painted butcher paper. After they were all attached to the cardboard wreath, I let Henry have at it with red glitter.

There were bare spots yet, so I just used scrap pieces of tissue paper and stapled them on until it was mostly covered.


Valentine's Day Craft: Tissue Wreath

I love the result!

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