Fort Magic is the Ultimate Way for Kids to Build a Fort

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Welcome Shark Tank and Fort Magic Fans! We LOVE Fort Magic and have been having so much fun! On Monday, April 21, 2014, we’ll have another one to giveaway! In the meantime, see how we like it so much below and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the giveaway.

Nothing has compared to the Fort Magic kit we recently received from our sponsor. I am so excited to share this ultimate fort building toy with you!

What kid doesn’t absolutely love to build forts? We have found the ultimate way to build a fort!

My kids build all kinds of forts. We have couch forts all the time. They often turn into cars for some reason. You could even build a fort using towels.

We dug into it this awesome fort building kit right away and started building.

It comes with a handy book of ideas that lays out all the pieces needed.

Which makes it much easier to sort through all the 382 pieces there are!

Fort Magic building parts

Henry is a great fort builder! He’s right at the age they recommend using Fort Magic, 5.5  years old.

George could do it too, but putting the pieces together tight, with a twist, is kind of tricky for him (kind of like putting Legos together tightly, it takes that little bit of oomph that younger kids don’t quite have the strength in their hands yet).

The ultimate way to build a fort! Using the Fort Magic fort building kit!

Henry and George first chose the mansion to build from the instructions book.

This was so great for Henry to look at the picture and build it.

Much like the building with blocks and technology idea I shared, but on a much grander scale, which makes it so much fun! There so much learning going on as they build a fort!

Then it was time for a submarine.

The ultimate way to build a fort! Using the Fort Magic fort building kit!

The ultimate way to build a fort! Using the Fort Magic fort building kit!

After the boys built the fort, I covered the fort with fabric and sheets (the Fort Magic kit does not include the fabric covers).

Fort Magic has some cool tricks and tips for covering your forts that I found very helpful.

If you want, they even have patterns for each of the fort ideas so you can get a real snug fit.

But we just used old sheets we had that are set aside for painting drop cloths. (Don’t laugh at my sheets!)

The ultimate way to build a fort! Using the Fort Magic fort building kit!

And then it was just time to make whatever we wanted! We got creative!

There’s so many ideas that I can’t wait to keep exploring it with them.

A few Fort Magic tips to build a fort to its fullest potential:

My kids and I are not the only ones that love this ultimate way to build a fort! Check out the Fort Magic customer reviews to see how much other families love to build a fort with Fort Magic!

Fort Magic building fort frames

Fort Magic submarine fort

Fort Magic Rocket Ship Final

And you get a chance to win the Fort Magic kit as well, or you can buy Fort Magic here.

Fort Magic is so graciously giving away one of their kits, valued at $199, to a hands on : as we grow reader.

Ways to enter to win your very own Fort Magic Kit:

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Disclosure: This is an awesome way to build a fort. And I only got the chance to show you because Fort Magic has sponsored this post and the giveaway. Hop over and tell them thanks in any way you can!

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  1. TawndaM says

    What’s NOT to love!! No batteries required, no ‘just push this button’ … follow the directions then take it as far as their imaginations allow! (where was this kinda thing when my kids were small… Good thing the Grandbabies start arriving this summer!) I love that it will grow with the kids… NOT just something else collecting dust…

  2. A. P. says

    I love that there are special clips to secure fabrics to the forts…I’ve just recently stumbled upon Fort Magic and I was wondering about that…Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  3. Bobbie Smith says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! How awesome is it for a child to have something like this for their imagination…kids sure do need more of things like this in today’s world, where everything is computers, games…they don’t leave much for their imaginations. I love also that this comes with a storage bag so that way you don’t loose any of the pieces

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