Toddler Bubbles Sensory Activity


Plain and simple. George likes bubbles.

The perfect activity for him [a toddler]? Bubbles.

Water and dish soap on a perfect day to be outside. George had a blast!

Soapy Bubble Play


I have this bucket that I actually got out of my great-grandma’s basement [who's 99 and still kickin' by the way, so I plan to be around while]. I also got a bunch of old utensils and whatnot from her, and we use these for our outdoor play toys.

I added these to the soapy water bucket and George kept busy scooping, pouring and stirring.

Bubbles Sensory Activity for Toddlers


Eventually, he moved on to cleaning.

Well, maybe just placing bubbles around and on his outdoor toys.

Cleaning up with Bubbles


We also did a cleaner, indoor activity with soapy jars.

George is 20 months.

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