Shaving Cream Eggs for Easter Tree

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A messy messy activity
ending with a beautiful craft for Easter
shaving cream eggs
Start by adding shaving cream to a pan.
[Henry had troubles pushing it hard enough to make it come out.]
Add food coloring.
easter egg craft
Swirl the colors around.

easter shaving cream egg craft
Swirl some more
[and end up with a not so pretty color]
Build towers.
Add utensils.
[Henry used a fork and knife for creating.]

shaving cream eggs
Once Henry was about to lose interest.
We added more food coloring.
This time, I added the instruction of
only using one finger to swirl the color.
shaving cream egg craft
Once the cream was swirled nicely with color,
we began making our prints!
I have lots of scrap pieces of scrapbook paper.
I picked papers with a variety of colors and textures.
  1. Press paper into the shaving cream mixture.
  2. Scrape the shaving cream off the paper using a squeegee.
    [Henry couldn’t press the scraper hard enough to get a clean swipe, so I had to do another pass. It should be free of shaving cream. You could probably just scrape it off with your hand or towel if you don’t have a squeegee.]
  3. Add glitter if you’d like. [Henry’s likes!]

easter craft for preschoolers
Here’s our pretty swirly papers waiting to dry.
easter craft for kids
Be sure to check out the mess that’s been made.
egg craft for little kids
After a quick clothes change,
the clean up was just as fun!
[I really thought the shaving cream would stick around in the water longer than it did.]

shaving cream easter egg craft
Once the papers dried, I cut out egg shapes.
I cut strips of yarn.
[Henry tried to do the cutting, but his scissors didn’t make it easy to do it.]
On the back of each egg,
Henry used a sticker to attach the yarn ends.
shaving cream and eggs
Then Henry decorated our tree!
[check out our Valentine Countdown Tree to see how we made the tree.]
shaving cream easter egg craft

[The glitter stuck better on the textured papers.]
I love the differences in each egg.
shaving cream eggs
messy shaving cream craft
We made way too many eggs, 
The rest Henry put in his basket.
He also is baking them in his oven.
[Something he says Dad does, too.]
Updated to add:
Shortly after I posted this fun activity/craft – so did Little Wonders’ Days! We both had the same idea for a fun Easter craft – she turned her eggs into Easter Cards! Go take a look HERE.

- Henry is 3 years -

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  1. Mama Pea Pod says

    I can't wait to try these too! Got all the supplies ready, now just trying to find some available time when both kiddies are awake and not doing other things (grandparents are visiting, so busy busy busy around here!)

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    I think you might just be the most fun mama ever! ;) My girls would absolutely jump for joy if we did something like this. Adorable!

    Thanks so much for joinking my Weekeend Bloggy Reading party. Hope you'll visit me at Serenity Now again soon. :)

  3. Michelle says

    Hey Jamie! Love your Easter tree! Featuring it in this week's High paw since I've decided to go with Easter theme! :) Hope to see you stop by this week! Starting Monday we're celebrating Beary Birthday party with loads of giveaways and free stuff! :)

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