Slimy Spaghetti Sensory Activity for Toddlers

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Sensory activities are always fun for toddlers to do. They get to explore, and there’s never a right or wrong way to do it. A spaghetti sensory activity is perfect for Halloween because it’s oh-so-slimy!

We turned The Imagination Tree’s bug slime spaghetti (eww!) into a sensory activity especially for Halloween with just a few colors!

I simply cooked up a package of spaghetti noodles, drained them and rinsed it with cold water to cool it down quickly.

Divide the spaghetti and add food coloring of your choice. (I chose orange, purple and black for Halloween.) If you’d like, let the kids mix up the colors. I chose to do it myself since I was just playing with George.

Slimey Spaghetti Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Add a little vegetable oil, too, to keep the noodles slimy for great sensory play!

(I added oil both before and after I colored it, but I think the color would take even better if didn’t add the oil beforehand, though it was still pretty vibrant!)

Colored spaghetti sensory activity

I set them outside in containers for George to explore. And he did…

Exploring slimy colored spaghetti

Surprisingly, he was actually very hesitant to touch it with his hands.

Along with the colored spaghetti, I set out measuring spoons and cups, a soup ladle, a funnel and a large bucket.

Once George got the courage to touch the slimy spaghetti, he mostly liked to see if he could pull it apart. Over and over. (There were lots of little tiny pieces!)

Feeling the textures of cooked spaghetti

I tried my best to sit back and watch, and let him explore entirely on his own. But this colored spaghetti was so enticing, I had to join in!

I thought the funnel would add a nice effect. I thought it would be easy to pull the spaghetti through the hole. Maybe I put too much in, because it was hard for even me to pull out of it!

George attempted it, too. Breaking the pieces into even smaller pieces than he was doing before!

Sensory play with spaghetti

Finally, the bucket was discovered. The colored spaghetti became a potion in the cauldron for Halloween.

This slimy spaghetti is just one of the 25 sensory activities for kids!

Potions were mixed and mixed, in and out of the cauldron!

A cauldron for a spaghetti sensory activity for toddlers

All parts explored the spaghetti’s slimy texture. Fingers…. mouths… hair… ears…

A sensory sliminess and ooey gooey good time.

Sensory activity with slimy spaghetti for toddlers

And boy was it messy. (So glad we took this one outside!)

Spaghetti sensory messy play!

Our hands did stain a little from the food coloring, but it came off in the bath that night. If you do it inside, maybe throw down a vinyl tablecloth on the floor before starting.

A slimy mess is worth the sensory fun, right?

This spaghetti sensory activity is also one of the 50 Activities Just for your Toddler!

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  1. janet says

    I am thrilled to come across this website. I look forward to new adventures. Since I work with toddlers I know I will be here to make use of the activities. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. tiffani says

    So I own a inhome daycare I havent really done to prob aly finding the I decided to look up crafts since the kids are now toddler snd preschool age an thought it was important. So I did this one with one 3 year he was a a little scared at first he thought they were worms then said it was fun cutting up dead worms .the next day another 3 year old came and he showed him tand told about the worms well the other 3 year old freaked out and. Screamed. An the parents got mad even though I told him they were fake they were noodles I even ate some in front of him an said look yummy noodles oh well I had fun an so did 10 other kids I did it with and the other parents though t it was cute and funny

  3. Tina Botha says

    Hi, I discovered another fairly inexpensive sensory exercise by accident. After a bathroom ‘leak’ (flood) some toilet paper in storage got wet – so decided to use it for papier maché. My kids (2 and 4 yrs) helped ‘shred’ it. The bucket was way too small and I eventually landed up putting the shredded paper (which swells when shredded) into a large sand-pit shell. It wasn’t long when the feet joined the hands and then the clothes came off and they literally swam in the mix. I added nappy disinfectant to the water for ‘just-in-case’. Such fun and I can still use the mix for molding maché projects :)

  4. Shara Parker says

    I am not sure if this is a good idea or not because I tried it with the toddlers that I nanny for and the mom was livid a month later after finding the plastic pool I used to put the spaghetti in (even though I washed it out.) She must have been over exaggerating because she said they brought the pool in on a rainy day and filled it up with plastic balls and she sent me a furosious text saying that I left them with a mess and that everything became sticky including their dogs and that it wouldn’t come off and that I ruined their lives. Pretty much, I am a horrible nanny because I was trying to do something nice for their kids. So I wish if you knew how “messy” this project was, to please describe the consequences and details of what is left from the mess. It may not be a bad idea, it may be this mom who is a little over dramatic. Moms need to chill out.

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