Sand Sensory Art: 100th Day of Preschool

Henry had his first homework assignment for preschool.
To create the number 100 out of something.
[Not 100 of something, but to make the numbers themselves.]

We discussed it together to decide what to make.
[Henry told me his teacher made one out of corn!]

We decided we wanted to make one with dirt.
Well, its February in Iowa and it just snowed about six inches, so dirt wasn’t to be found.
We settled on sand. [Thankfully, our sandbox has a lid!]

Henry created the number 100 while playing with sand, inside!
It was fun and George even joined in.

First, I had Henry write the number 100 on a piece of scrapbook paper.
I was amazed at how easy this was for him.
His writing skills have really taken off, even if they aren’t correctly done all the time, I’m still impressed. [He often starts at the bottom of letters and numbers, instead of the top.]

I then traced over it to thicken up the lines.
Henry painted the numbers with glue. 
And then the real fun began.
The sand came out.

Henry decided to dig in it with his backhoe.
Loading it up and hauling it to his paper.
This literally took him well over an hour to do.
He covered his numbers with sand, as well as pushing the sand around to make piles and spread it out. He was pretty busy.
When all the numbers were completely covered, he picked up the paper and shook it off.
The number 100 was still there where he painted his glue!

What’s your opinion?
Does he get an E for effort?


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  1. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas says

    what a fun way to create 100 and yay to both of you for those writing skills! Once they get going, it really moves along doesn't it! :)

  2. Wise Owl Factory says

    Henry, I taught first grade and you did a better job than many first graders could do. E for excellent, A +, and W for Wow! Carolyn

  3. Anonymous says

    I teach preschool and I LOVE that you let him play for over an hour during this project! So many times we push ahead for the finished project and forget that the important learning goes on DURING. A+ Mom!

  4. Kristin @ Preschool Universe says

    Any activity that keeps them engaged for over an hour is totally worth the mess.

  5. Ness says

    This is just gorgeous. I love how Henry used the backhoe and that you let him play as long as he wanted even if it took him an hour. I’ve featured you on my blog today as one of my favourite links in last week’s Kids Co-op link party.

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