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George just recently started learning his name to be more than the letter ‘G’, so we’re working on name recognition lately, and made a ring toss to get him moving and learning it!

It was just Louis’ first birthday, so we have paper cups and plates still sitting out.

Ring Toss Name Recognition Activity

I simply wrote the letters of George’s name on the bottoms of the cups.

Paper cup & paper plate ring toss

I made a paper plate a ring by cutting out the center.

I wanted to use our actual rings from our ring toss (affiliate link), but, as usual, when I want to find something… it is to be unfound… but yet I see it constantly laying around when we’re not playing with it!

Paper cup ring toss

I set George up to toss the paper plate onto the cups… but that’s a lot harder than it seems for a 3 year old to do. So he did more of a ring drop than a ring toss.

Ring the letters in your name

He picked a cup, told me the letter (which he struggled with at first, but after we kept doing this over and over, he got those letters down!), and dropped the plate ring over the cup.

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Paper plate ring toss

He missed a lot even with a drop!

Ring toss, or ring drop

Once he ringed a letter, we moved it to the side until he got all the letters of his name.

And then we rearranged the letters of his name together to spell it. And repeat! Ring the letter cups again and again!

Name recognition with paper cups

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