Ribbons can be used for the simplest activities! To start, try Ribbon Weaving, and then get creative from there!!


Weaving with Kids: Fun & Simple Kids Activity!

Weaving with the kids has always been on my wish list. But I never really pushed it with the boys, because I kind of thought of it as a girl thing. I know, I shouldn’t be stereotypical like that. I have tried it in the past. When we did our ribbons in a bottle activity, […]


Big Art Project for Toddlers: Ribbon Painting

Get moving and get creative at the same time with a big art project. Ribbon painting is a fun art project for toddlers to let loose and paint in a fun way. But its also fun for preschoolers too! It wasn’t just ribbon painting… it was ribbon throw painting. I begin by asking… Henry, what three […]

Busy Toddler Play: Ribbons in a Bottle

Busy Play: Ribbons in a Bottle

A super simple activity that can keep the kids busy while you put dinner on the table. What you’ll need: A bottle [something with a smallish neck]. And a bunch of cut up ribbons of various length.   Let the kids do as they please. Mine put each ribbon into the bottle one at a […]