Reuse Lotion for a Smelling Sensory Activity


A sensory activity can be done with almost anything!

As the simplify part of the Seventh Generation 7 day Journey to Natural Beauty, I did some spring cleaning and found an entire basket full of lotions that I haven’t touched in years probably.

Simplify My Routine: Reuse Before Throwing Out

Since I don’t use them, and haven’t for ages, I might as well make room for the stuff that really matters and does good to me, instead of just taking up space. But I hate just throwing things out. I really, really hate it. Which is why we upcycle a lot for our activities.

And these lotions could be used for a sensory activity for George before they got tossed.

Reuse Lotion for a Smelling Sensory Activity

I set out the basket of old lotions with a bowl and spoon and just let George do whatever he wanted.

I was thinking a touch sensory activity, since its all slimy and such. But George didn’t really touch the lotions with his hands. Well, he did, but it just wasn’t full on, he didn’t stick his hands in the bowl to mix it all up.

But he did end up with lotion all over him, which is what made this so fun! The lotion bottles ended up very slippery and very hard to squeeze out! (Can I add how great of a fine motor activity this is as well. Squeezing those bottles are great for hand strength!)

Reuse Lotion for a Smelling Sensory Activity

It wasn’t until George squeezed out about five different lotions that it I realized the smelling potential that this sensory activity had! George began smelling each one as he squirted them out.

I didn’t push it much further than that, but for older kids, it would be a great opportunity it’s to talk different smells and ask them to describe it.

Reuse Lotion for a Smelling Sensory Activity

I love when I can do something with stuff I’m going to throw away anyway. And now I’ve made space for Seventh Generation natural products.

Take a moment to simplify your life and get rid of the unnecessary, or expired, products in your life. Turn them into a kids activity if you can! Here’s a couple more ideas to reuse products:

  • Reuse some old lipstick for a letter ‘K’ (kiss) activity, from Teach Preschool.
  • You can use expired sunscreen too, add a bit of color to it for some painting fun, from Kids Activities Blog.
  • Shampoo could be some bubbly fun, especially if you make it into a mad science lab like No Time For Flash Cards.
  • How many of those cosmetic wedges come in a pack anyway? Tinkerlab makes some into stamps for art projects. A great way to use up some old ones.
  • Gobs and gobs of hair gel is another sensory delight! Mama Smiles makes it a no mess finger painting activity! (The 80’s are over… we can probably use up the hair gel in activities now…)

Reuse Lotion for a Smelling Sensory Activity

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