Ready, Aim, Blow! A Pom Pom Activity for Kids

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This activity kind of happened on accident. And sorry, I’m slow to sharing it. We did this back earlier in the spring. After doing the letter connect the dots.

George found the tubing from the butcher paper that we used up and instantly made a game out of it.

Simply blowing pom poms into the tube.

Ready - aim - BLOW the pom poms!

That’s it.

We used a straw to blow. With just George, it was a competition with himself. That was enough fun for him and brought out lots of giggles.

Then Henry joined in when he had gotten home from school.

Ready - aim - BLOW the pom poms! A friendly competition.

Much like everything that Henry does, he turned this into a competition.

They both went at the tube from each end. Trying to outdo the other. Who could get the pom poms to go through the other end? Who had more air in them?

And then a race. Who can get their pom pom through the tube first?

Ready - aim - BLOW the pom poms!

Sometimes its the simplest things that keep the kids busy!

This tube would also work great for rubber bands! We’ve done something similar with canned food that kept them busy for a long time!

Ready - aim - BLOW the pom poms!

I shared a pom pom blowing race on PBS Parents a while back. Check out how I made a track to race around, and its really harder than you might think!

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