Push Pin Geoboard: Made by Child!

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A geoboard has been on my list of things to make for the kids for a long, long time. They’ve always seemed like such a great means to work on fine motor skills but yet letting the kids be creative.

I’ve had the perfect board for it, and have been waiting (ever-so-patiently) for my husband to drill the holes precisely…

Maybe I should have just bought my own, and I think I might yet! I found this good-sized one, Learning Resources Geoboard 11 X 11 (affiliate link) that would definitely work!

But, then I came across this bulletin board when we were cleaning out for a garage sale. I ended up putting it on sale, but at a high price because it actually has sentimental meaning to me. My husband made me this bulletin board in his ‘down-time’ at work during college. But the cork is so hard (or tight) that it’s really hard to actually use.

After it didn’t sell at the garage sale, I was actually relieved. I thought that this could be a great means for an activity for the boys, and I could finally make a geoboard for the boys myself, or even better, let them make it!

All I needed to add were some push pins and rubberbands and Henry was set to make his very own geoboard, in any way he wanted to.

Since the push pins were hard to actually just push into the bulletin board, Henry hit them in with his hammer.

Once he had quite a few in the spots ‘he wanted’, I showed him how to add the rubberbands and how it to make the rubberbands tight between the push pins.

He then went on and on to create his own design. He had something in mind for sure, I’m just not sure what it was.

It wasn’t until he was done with his design that he brought trucks in the mix and tried to drive through it. Upon seeing that, I helped him with a road redesign of the rubberbands so he could drive through the geoboard.

Henry made a road! And it was a great tool for play for the next couple of days! It kept getting added to and played with. What can be better than that?

For another geoboard, check out Share & Remember. She used peg board and screws and even found some stretchy crafty loops (affiliate link) that would work awesome on a geoboard!

This was super simple and Henry loved it, so if you have a bulletin board lying around, or even just some foam, make a geoboard for the kids to explore and design with!

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