Preschool Craft: Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day
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We liked our Strings of Hearts in our dining room so well during Valentine’s Day, that we were talking about them one night at dinner that we should take them down.

Henry didn’t want to. So Dad suggested something to make for St. Patrick’s Day coming up.

My wheels got turning and I came up with these shamrocks using the same method that we used for the Strings of Hearts.

Shamrock craft for St. Patrick's Day using multiple hearts

Henry took charge of this craft right from the start. He began with drawing his lines on green paper, using a ruler.
(I had previously drawn the lines. It was quite amusing to watch  him attempt to use the ruler to draw along.)

Shamrock craft for St. Patrick's Day using multiple hearts

He then cut it up into strips.

Using the strips of green paper, Henry followed the same instructions as the Strings of Hearts. Fold the strip in half, and bend the ends in together and staple to make a heart.

Making hearts for shamrocks

Once three hearts are made, you make it into a shamrock.
(I, honestly, did the majority of this part.)

How to make a heart shamrock craft for St Patrick's Day

How to make the hearts into a Shamrock:

  • Staple two hearts together on the side, close the point.
  • Staple a third heart on the other side of one of those.
  • Add a shamrock stem by using a strip of paper and folding it twice about an inch apart (so that inch is approximately centered in the strip of paper).
  • Punch a hole at the top of the top heart.
  • String a piece of yarn through and hang!

Heart shamrock craft for St Patrick's Day

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