Pouring Water for Toddlers [Life Skill to Learn]

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Pouring water for drinks!

A simple life skill to learn, but how do they learn it? With practice!

Take it outside while they learn it. Once they become more precise, bring it inside to the dinner table.

Its been super hot here, so playing outside has been minimal. But I thought with some water we could sneak out there for a little bit for a quick activity.

To practice pouring water!

Pouring water activity for toddlers, a life skill to learn

I was thinking this activity would be more fitting for Henry (my preschooler) than it was for George (just a toddler) but George surprised me and not only got a kick out of doing it, but did it pretty darn well!

With our Kool-aid pitcher filled with water (only about half full) and some plastic cups set out to pour into. George filled the cups, emptied the pitcher and asked for more water. I refilled and refilled that pitcher!

Toddler Life Skills Practice Pouring Water

And sneaky me. Or sneaky George. He snuck sips of water during the entire activity. A plus for a hot day like it was!

Sneaking drinks of water

It wasn’t until Henry joined us for only a minute or two that he began pouring the water from the cups back into the pitcher to reuse it. Nothing like having my preschooler outsmart me. Duh. That saved me a few trips back to the faucet, but still with the spills, I was having to refill often.

Pouring Water Activity

George gained confidence through pouring and towards the end of our activity, he was doing it one handed, holding the cup in his other hand and mostly making it all. His only problem (throughout all of the activity) was not knowing when to stop filling the cup. He always overflowed it. But nearly always made it into the cup.

Gaining confidence pouring water with one hand

George also absolutely loved painting the driveway with water. Water activities are definitely go-to activities for both the boys in this house!

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  1. ramzani says

    Hi i am Ramzani form Sri Lanka
    Thank you i enjoyed reading and doing this activity with my toddler group… can you please be kind enough to send me more activities regrading to the theme pouring.

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