Music Art : Tin Can Drums

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music art: tin can drums

We’ve been on a tin can binge,
so Henry and I had to make these drums from tin cans, too!

During my hunt for balloon ideas,
I found this tin can drum idea from both Quirky Momma and Mini-Eco.

Since Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, and his Dad used to be a drummer,
I thought these would make a perfect gift from Henry!
(I may fill them up with some goodies before Sunday, too!)

As always, working beside Henry always proves to be more productive
than just watching and telling him what to do.

Henry started painting with green paint.
Covering the entire tin can in green.
Inside and out.

music art: tin can drums
(No worries on a sharp edge on these cans, these came from Grandma – yes we had to raid her recycling bin – and her can opener creates a nice, smooth edge!)

He added a splash of orange and blue to his tin can for a little color.
He only painted the one can,
but I was impressed with the amount of time he spent to cover it completely.

Once the paint dried,
I cut off the end of a balloon and slipped it over the top of the tin can.

music art: tin can drums

(If there ends up with a little bubble in the middle of the balloon,
take if off and snip a little more off the end and try again.)

I added a second layer of balloon to two of the drums and snipped holes in it like Quirky Momma did with her tin can drums.

music art: tin can drums

I also had added rice, pasta and some rocks to each of the tin cans to make shakers!
Henry shook them to hear their different noises.
He also drummed them loudly, having lots of fun!

music art: tin can drums

Happy Father’s Day Dad!
Love, Henry & George

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  1. Debbie says

    What focus & concentration during the painting process! You'll love those photos in twenty years. You may just be creating another drummer in the process.

    Happy exploring!
    (from WeTeach)

  2. OneMommy says

    My kids love to play music! We have used ice cream buckets to make drums, but I think the tin cans would give such a different sound; we might have to try this when we get home from vacation!

  3. Toddler Approved says

    Love this idea. I never realized that the tops of drums like these were just made from balloons.

    We are totally going to try this with a can that we painted earlier today. My little guy is a drumming maniac just like his dad too!

  4. Jenna says

    I LOVE this. Daddy in the house is not only a drummer but owns a drum shop & our little lady loves drumming with him…what a fun idea. I know Daddy, little lady & baby boy will have fun playing with these…we’ll probably take them to gigs when it’s a kid friendly place so she can play with him (like she does at every gig she goes too!) Thanks for the idea!!

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